What other insect that looks like a silverfish?

I've just been bitten under my arm by something, and when I looked at the spot where my arm had been resting on the bed, there was a silver fish, or atleast something that looked like it. When I squished the bug (which was a stupid thing to do since I had to find out what it was) these blackish stains got on my bed, which had me thinking that there was blood in the insect. Silver fish neither bite nor are poisonous (thank god) so Im thinking maybe it's something else (...) Please help me find what it is!! IT was about a cm long, It did have two or more antennaes, but i dont think it had the long ones that most silverfish have. And it can run fast!! ITs also gray. thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Silverfish are very unique insects. They are one of the oldest insects known to our planet. Silverfish and other insects in their order Thysanura have a nickname of Bristletails. Aside from two antennae on their head, they will have 3 antennae looking bristles protruding from the end of their abdomen (basically their butt). If you saw these 3 bristles, it was definitely in the same order as the Silverfish. Honestly, it sounds like it would be a Silverfish or a Firebrat based on the more than two antennae description, despite the fact they don't bite. Good luck!


    Source(s): Entomology class in college.
  • 5 years ago

    It could be an earwig

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