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What is Satans real name?

Being an Ex-Satanist, you'd think i'd know...

I heard it was lucifer(that's what the satanic church told us.)

And I also heard it was beelzebub.

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    - Lucifer: Is not the Devil´s real name. It is the old term for the Morning Star (´Hillel` in Hebrew) which was used as a symbol for pride in a satyrical poem about the king of Babylon. The poem was interpreted by some Christians as referring to the Devil.

    - Beelzebub: Is not the Devil´s real name. It was originally "Baal-Zebul`, `Lord of the manor´, a deity worshipped by the people of Ekron. The jews turned him into a demon, and called him "Baal-zebub" which means `Lord of the flies´. In Hebrew theology, he is apparently the king of demons, but not identified with Satan, the accusing angel.

    - Satan: Is not the Devil´s real name, but a title. It means "Slanderer" or "Accuser" and refers to the angel who accuses mankind in the court of God, kind of like a heavenly D.A.

    - Some sources call the angelic name of the Devil as Samael, particularly before he fell, but in Hebrew lore, Samael is the angel of death, a sort of psychopomp, not an accuser.

    - Another traditional possible name of the Devil is Mastema, one of the Bene ha Elohim from Genesis 6; "Mastemah" means `Hostility´, `Enemy´.

    - Devil: "..The most common English synonym for 'Satan' is 'Devil', which descends from Middle English devel, from Old English dēofol, that in turn represents an early Germanic borrowing of Latin diabolus (also the source of 'diabolical'). This in turn was borrowed from Greek diabolos "slanderer," from diaballein "to slander": dia- "across, through" + ballein "to hurl." In the New Testament, 'Satan' occurs more than thirty times in passages alongside Diabolos (Greek for "the devil"), referring to the same person or thing as Satan. "

    In short, I have been unable to ascertain the actual name of ha-Satan.

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      Heyl-El is a roaring lion, seeking whom he may overwhelm, with Satanic howling accusations.

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    Satan, Lucifer, whatever, who really cares, man wrote the bible, yet the truth will never be revealed as man doesn't know the truth, it doesn't matter what religion people follow, it is all the same message, who can prove god and the devil exists, I believe someone is up there but who is to say its god, and no one can really say him or her because no one knows if there is a god or what sex it is, exact same for the devil. Everyone has there own opinions, yet a lot of people assume too much, now I'm not a man of faith yet I'm not a skeptic, I believe in the after life and believe everyone gets what they deserve in their afterlife, I'm not saying religion is wrong, but what is the point in causing so much fuss or wars when it is all the same message. Personally I think anyone who believes any type of religion are brainwashed, for the reason is that it is not the religion that people believe in it's just the message, so why go round saying there are different gods when no one can say there is and there is a possibility there is only one, I am very fond of paranormal entities or trapped souls but do not believe in heaven or hell.

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    Satan is not a name, but a term (Ha-Satan in Hebrew or Shaitan in Arab) meaning the accuser, the whisperer, the enemy, and in some interpretations, the wanderer (due to the fact that He was cast out to wander the lands of Nod, outside the garden of Eden).

    If you want a name, the most accurate ones I could give you are Iblis (from Islamic Folklore) or Sataniel (from the book of Enoch), but I believe trying to identify "The Devil" with a name is as much as trying to define "God" as Jesus, Iahwe, Jeovah or Allah.

    Bottom line, being that "The Devil" is much an abstract concept as much as "God" is, and therefore, you can call it any name you want and still it won't come (just like the cats!), therefore, name it the way you feel more inclined to do so.

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    There were a great many demons in the old days, eventually, Christians picked out 7 of them to associate with the 7 cardinal sins of man, none of which was originally Satan, though to accommodate the bible, one was renamed as the one who inspires Wrath. If you want to know what the being that was so then called Satan was, you should start there.

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    The devil has so many names in different languages but they all mean the same thing. Beezlebub is only a demon that serves Satan. I normally don t go onto social media that much. In fact, I seriously hate social media but just saying. if my answer helps, then that would be awesome

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    Hilary Clinton

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    Its Lucifer. Beelzebub is a demon. And I heard on a TV documentory that Satanists do not worship the devil...

    Source(s): Secret Lives of Women on WEtv
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      You are incorrect they do worship satan just not as a deity which means its not an atheist religion technically. They see Satan as an example to reach their goal of the Ego.

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    Satans real name is Lusbell

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    Danny Gokey

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    Gadre'el. That was his name before the fall. Lucifer is a counterfeit name.

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