so who is completely sick and tired of people throwing mcgavock out of proportion?

i graduated last may from this wonderful school, and even though i'm no longer a student there, it still takes a toll on my nerves to see that media bashes us to the point that parents refuse to let their children enter the school.

McGavock is the largest high school in TN, and therefore, has a large population of students AND staff. So there are bound to be disagreements and fights, just like every other school. Half the fights that are posted online are staged. Students do projects that require filming. I have done plenty of projects with the drama department that have fights. The media and news know that the fights are staged, and if you were to look at the fights online yourselves, it shows that it was staged. Obviously the media twisted everything because they needed something interesting so their ratings would go up.

There a lot of kids who are suspended, even the good ones. I have been suspended a few times. Over half the students in iss or oss are just out of dress code. That is not the school's fault. There are people that can't afford the very strict guidelines of the dress code. Some didn't even know about upon entering the school, considering we get at least 3 new students everyday.

McGavock has a positive atmosphere. We have so many different courses, ranging from wood shop to cooking, drama to auto-body. We also have every offered ap course, and anyone can join the classes they want. We have all the proper classrooms, although they might not be large enough. We have very many students that are passionate about learning. Does anyone ever care to notice that we have so many awards? the chorus has won competitions every year. Ladies show choir of 2007-2008 school year won 2nd place at belmont university, being the first alto choir to even get a chance in10 years. The band had won very may awards, also. The art department has hundreds out students winning in showcases, as well as writers. But the media never focuses on that, do they?

When you go that school, whether black, white, asian, native american,middle eastern, midget, in a wheelchair, mentally challenged, you are treated like family. We may fight, we may not agree on everything, but when the media comes down on us like this, we come together and fight it.

And the 400 some-odd arrests last year? They were the same students over and over again. And the guns? PLEASE! Noone brings a gun into that school. There have been threats, yes. I will use one in particular to point out what goes on

In fall of 2008, a freshman student, carlos was shot by a student in the school, but not on school grounds. It was in his neighborhood. So his friends were angry. I'll admit, they were in a gang. But they were all searched after the alleged threat. The next day at school, that friday, there were watch towers, with gunman in them. But do you know why? Because parents over-reacted when they looked on myspace. The maybe one or two times that someone has brought a gun to school, they didn't warn anyone. We have threats a lot, because we get angry. Everyone does. The media focuses on this school because it is so large and people seem to think it can represent mnps. It doesn't. Antioch is so much worse. It's overflowing. We get students from there daily. The students that go there rarely get pulled out because of concerned parents.

My friend, whom i will refer to as bubby, was jumped on school grounds. But it was the same people that threatened to bring a gun after carlos died. He went to the hospital with a concussion, and was pulled out for homeschooling, because his mother was concerned about his health. But he came back. Do you know why? Because even after his incident, his mother knew that McGavock is safe and provides him with a great education.

So the next time someone wants to bash McGavock, why don't you visit it for just one day. Everyone will welcome you with open arms. You might run into one or two fights, but what would you expect froma school with 3000 students who come from LITERALLY all over the world?

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    Wow you are completely right i get tired of people acting like its so bad all the time to. but they're just haters so forget about them.Mcgavock is the best damn school in tennessee

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