Is it true nowadays prayer is simply a begging, asking, requesting to GOD?

Do you think GOD is going to answer these type of prayers where we only pray when we want something badly. We pray when we fail. We pray because we think life has stripped us of all the right opportunities. We pray because our jealous mind cannot tolerate other’s success.

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    I don't often ask God for anything; most of my prayers are prayers of thanks. Being Jewish, most of our ritualized prayers are for thanks or to praise God. Having been brought up Christian, my personal prayers tend to be unstructured, however, and I believe that it's important to look at the good things that we have and be grateful for them, and to take responsibility for our own actions. It's probably a weird-sounding theology to some, but it works for me, and that's all I can really ask for.

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    Your question would only be true if one is praying incorrectly. The act of supplication is one of humility and acceptance and resignation to the will of God. We cannot realize this until we let go the chains of materialism and selfishness. Once we achieve this, it is much more likely that ones prayers are answered, and amazingly, in greater abundance than that which was originally asked for!

    We ask, hopefully for things that will benefit ours or others' souls. There is nothing in the world, materially speaking, that will be granted by prayer. This is a great error that many commit, particularly those who subscribe to a "prosperity theory" that is a very false doctrine. God provides all that we need.

    Your statement: "We pray because our jealous mind cannot tolerate other’s success", would be an automatic cancellation of prayer being answered by God altogether. We should never incorporate feelings of jealousy and covetousness in our supplications. True prayer is a humble act that requires humility of self, and even though we do not get what we may want, requires that we thank God for all that we may possess at present. When one actually analyzes their present situation, with all truth, one usually finds that all that God has given them is most likely sufficient, and possibly beyond that, depending on ones' personal life philosophy and spiritual maturity.

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    Wow that's a good question! We are so bad as Christians to only pray when we need Him. We have lost what prayer is supposed to be. Which is worshiping God the Father and adoring him. When things go wrong in our life that's when we become prayer warriors. I think it's just laziness on our part and I think the Church is some of the blame also. Churches I don't believe pray enough. I remember when I was a kid going to church that before a service ends that the pastor would give an alter call. I go to a church that rarely does that. I'm not saying my church is a bad one, just that I don't think we should end any service without asking a sinner to come to the alter to pray for forgiveness. I recently lost my dad to esophageal cancer, and boy did I do some praying leading up to his death. It's sad, but it's a problem I think each of us face. Did you notice how much the United States prayed during the 9-11 attacks? It was very short lived!

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    We should pray every day and be in a prayerful attitude all the time. It depends whether the person praying is a mature Christian or a weak one. True prayer includes praise to God and thanksgiving and asking God for his will to be done for us and others. Of course, I'll pray more when I have a crisis, but I'm working on getting closer to him. It's a bad thing to slip away from God, but easy in this crazy society we are living in, so we have to watch it all the time. A mentor of mine said, "Always be on the guard." That was good advice, but you have to stay in the word in order to overcome the treachery of the devil.

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    The way a normal human being do it now is "Spiritual begging" and what you see on the road people do asking for alms is "material begging".

    In reality, Prayer is something different from that. What is meant by prayer is to keep the mind clear of thoughts and realize that I and the God are one and the same thing. The praise of god therefore is praise of Self. One need not be egotistic to praise oneself,by praising God and realizing the proximity of the Self to the God, prayer in a way is self praise with positive outcomes.

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    No i do not believe prayer is now simply a begging, asking, requesting to our Lord GOD. Don't forget people still pray to thank God and his son Jesus for everything they have done in our lives. God and Jesus loves us and are willing to help us with anything we may need. When you only pray for what you may want well it's a little selfish but God is willing to help you with that too (i would guess), but always remember to thank him and his son for if they did not exist you nor I would be here right now.

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    Well prayer has always been a plead for Gods help and there is nothing wrong with asking for things from God so long as they line up with his word

    What does that mean? It means I can't pray to God to destroy someones career simply because I don't like them I can't prayer for harm to be done to anyone no matter what they did to me

    But I can prayer for the following:



    Spiritual gifts






    And others things

    Think of it like this:

    Your father is not gonna take one of your Toy's away from you and give it to your brother just to make him happy

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    Yes, we pray God for our need. We pray God for our selfishness and for our success. But others success is a matter of jealous for our mind.

    We should have to pray God without any want and for the sake of humanity. God is great and He will forgive all our faults.

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    It depends on who is praying does it not? And also greatly on your faith. Personally meditation and the law of attraction have always worked for myself when I’ve ask for something. Praying in my opinion should be more associated with thanks rather then wants. Asking for guidance and asking for a desire are two totally different things to. Sorry if I could not really answer your question because honestly it depends on the person.

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    Yea prayer has turned into a well-defined barter system. offer Prasad if you wish comes true or many other mambo-jumbos.

    But it is very bad.

    Let me tell you a story:-

    A girl of poor house were married in a rich house.Her mother-in-law made her sit by herself and kissed her hands and pampered her a lot.The Saas(mother-in-law) said, "Bahu, don't worry I will load you with lots of gold and precious clothes".

    She was kept saying about the luxuries she wanted to give her Bahu.The poor bride interrupted her and said, "Mother, will I also get meal both in morning and evening?"

    The same condition is with us.He wanted to give us unfathomable pleasure and treasure of his Bhakti and we just want him to fulfill some of our earthly desires.

    Why don't we just let Him decide what is the best for us?Why don't we offer him an honest and desireless prayer?

    This is the best flowers you will offer him.


    Jai Shree Ram!!!!!!!

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