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Help me name people!?

Okay, so I have a bunch of characters here (for a story I'm writing) that I would like help with to name. I'll describe them, and if you could give me what names fit their personalities and appearances, that would ROCK. thankss!!!

#1: girl, 5'9" & wants to be taller, reddish brown hair about an inch lower than her shoulders (with layers & blunt bangs), bright green eyes, curvy, collects snake jewelry and sunglasses, sarcastic, intellectual, interested in film, 16, snide, agnostic, liberal, smart-mouth, funny, thoughtful, quick-thinking, logical, good at business related things but hates it, crafty, can be mean and over critical, straightforward, a planner, rebellious, creative

#2: girl, 5'9" and still growing, curly wild dark golden blonde hair a little longer than her shoulders (w/ side bangs), soft blue eyes, very slim, ecclectic and unique fashion style, kind, funny, wants to be a vetrenarian, likes science, 17, thinks a lot, occassionally quiet, but can be really loud and funny, loyal, trustworthy, loves her family, a good friend, fun to be around, catholic, plays field hockey, quirky, good at math and math related thinking, sensitive, 1's best friend

#3: girl, 5'5", slim, straight dirty blonde hair to her chest with bangs, blue eyes, funny, take charge, not pushed around, creative, wants to be a graphic designer, sarcastic, blunt, 2's younger sister, 15, loud, fearless, can be insensitive, friendly, open, catholic, loves her family, trustworthy

#4: girl, 5'4", slim, athletically built, likes nature, dirty blonde hair in a trendy cut to her chin, nice, funny, quiet, uninhibited, friendly, thoughtful, gentle, soft, 15, best friend of 3, works well with others, a good friend, easygoing, goes with the flow

#5: boy, just about 17, 6', very slim, lanky, but with lean muscles, crystal blue eyes, big hands and feet, strong jaw, hot but not in an "in your face" kind of way, smells really good, good with his hands, a leader, assertive, funny, sarcastic, biting, open, dirty minded (but not overt), mysterious, every girl finds herself somewhat attracted to him, smirks, wears zip up hoodies and well fitted jeans over band tee shirts, rolls the sleeves of the hoodies up to his elbows, a unique taste in music (that no one's ever heard of), physically uninhibited, sexy, subtle, longish brown hair that he likes to flip out of his face with a shake of his head

#6: boy, 20, 6', broad shouldered, attractive, older brother of 5, lifeguard, cocky and slightly arrogant, has a crooked smile, has poofy brown hair, studies marketing, many many girls like him, smells really good, hazel eyes, hooks up with a lot of girls but claims hes looking for something more, confident, enthusiastic, friendly, sexy, a good singer, in bands, plays bass guitar, has an equally as nonmainstream interest in music as his brother, wears shirts that show off his chest and shoulders, in your face kind of attitude, sometimes gets down on himself, a born performer, klutzy

#7: boy, 19, band mate of 6, broad shouldered, pakistani, gorgeous, wide blue eyes, compassionate, sensitive, a great singer, likes animals and nature, rides a motorcycle, silly, a leader, everyone likes him, friendly, open, glossy black hair, occassionally has a bit of sexy facial hair, a good laugh, sweet


xoxo C.D-B

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    1. Zoey, Natalie, or Carly

    2. Olivia, Lily, or Claire

    3. Lindsay, Ally, or Hailey

    4. Nora, Emma, or Abigail

    5. Darien, Zander, or Adrien

    6. Shane, Mark, or Lucas

    7. Mohsin, Salim, or Aban (if you're looking for Pakistani names)

    if not: Asher, Christopher, or Oliver.

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    1.Anna Christine

    2.Brenda Ann

    3.Sophie Skye

    4.Josephine Rachel

    5.Quinn Dean

    6.Robert Daniel

    7.Adam Peter

    Hope I helped.

  • 1.

    - Felicity

    - Jocelyn

    - Sophia


    - Addison

    - Katherine

    - `Hallie


    - Chloe

    - Leah

    - Scarlett


    - Lucy

    - Madelyn

    - Isabella


    - Landon

    - Gregory "Greg"

    - Nicholas "Nick"


    - Logan

    - Mason

    - Conner


    - Benjamin "Ben"

    - Parker

    - Ethan

    Source(s): Hope I helped : )
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    1. Alexis (Lexis / Lexi )Leigh

    2. Kaylee Ann

    3. Mikaela (Mick / Mickey) Rose

    4. Angela (Angie) Marie

    5. Dawson James

    6. Dean Joesph

    7. Johnathan (Johnny) Thomas

    Hope I helped :)

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    1. tayler rose

    2. gracie alexandra

    3. olivia hope or courtney hope

    4. amelia danielle

    5. lucas oliver

    6. daniel robert

    7. christopher mark

    hope i helpedd:)

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