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verizon wireless- $1.99/MB...what does that equal exactly?

I am looking at verizon wireless plans since alltel was bought out and I need to renew my contract.

I was looking at getting the LG enV touch phone.

My question is, should I go with the "Connect" or the "Select" plan? The only difference is the connect (for $20 more) gives you unlimited internet, and the select charges you $1.99/MB

If I just want to check facebook and my email (yahoo and university) occasionally, would that add up to a lot of MBs?

Any guidelines on how to figure out what 1MB of usage equals for those pages?

Thanks in advance!



I mean $20 difference because it would be a family plan- my brother is getting a blackberry, and the additional monthly thing needed for that, so the internet from the plan itself would just be for me.

Update 2:

Or, I guess, what is your average usage? I would need to use 10mb a month to pay enough that it would have been better to get the connect plan over the select

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    When I did pay as you go on Verizon 1.99/MB I didn't use it too much other than facebook and e-mail like you would be doing and I went through around 5-10mb a month. I did have unlimited for a while and I know my usage was near 3x that. So its kind of hard to say since if you have it you'd actually use it since it is unlimited and all.

    If you want you can sign up for the pay as you go route and then check your daily use. If you do #DATA from you cell phone, it will tell you how many text sent/received also how much data you used so far in that billing cycle in terms of MB useage via a text message. That would be one way to find out how much you'd use. If you notice that you are getting very close to the 10MB mark I would then just add the unlimited web usage to your package.

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