African Americans : How would you feel if there was a W.E.T. (White Entertainment Television) Channel ?

White people keep asking me how would I feel if there was a W.E.T. channel. Im black, and I can honestly say that I wouldnt be offended. I would watch it if it had anything interesting on there. But the name wouldnt offend me at all. I never knew some white people were insulted by BET.


BET is a hip hop and R&B station, and not many white people do hip hop. Paul Wall and Bubba Sparks have had their videos played on B.E.T.. Robin Thicke gets his videos played. I've seen their videos make the countdown. There are black artists that do get any play on BET. Never seen a Lenny Kravitz video on BET, but Lenny aint hip Hop.

Update 2:


We're not as easily offended as you think we are. It may seem that way because Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton may jump on anything that seems to even slightly indicate a white preference. Now of course we'll speak out against apparent racism. But I dont think we'll care about little things like a channel called W.E.T. It'll probably be good material for black comedians to focus on.

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    I honestly wouldn't care.

    However whites own viacom (Which owns B.E.T., MTV, vh1, nickelodeon etc) and almost every network on cable television.

    Blacks are allowed to feel a sense of pride due to overcoming prejudice in the civil rights era, jim crow laws, KKK racism etc which have all been caused by whites.

    Whites are a huge population in America and Blacks are 10%, also whenever Whites want to show pride for their race it's fueled by ignorance, bigotry and violence which is unacceptable. I'm not saying Whites are only racist , there black racists out there too.

    Whites don't need anything special, they technically run the world. If White people want to feel pride, Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and he's white but doesn't go on about his race. If a black man reaches that level it would be a huge achievement for the black race due to what they had to overcome to get there.

  • 5 years ago

    Question: Do you feel white people owe you something? Answer: No Question: Do you watch the TV channel BET?(Black entertainment television) Answer: Sometimes Question: How do you feel about Ab Lincoln? Same question for obama? Answer: Lincoln was a great President who saved the union and changed the world for the better. Obama inspires many of us and we want him to succeed. Question: Would it be wrong if a TV channel came out called WET?(White entertainment television) Answer; I thought that was what CMT was... are they thinking of changing the name? Question: How do you feel towards white people? Answer: most black people that I know personally or that I talk to (i'm not from the south) generally have a positive opinion of white people in general. Of course this is on a case by case basis because everyone is different. In general though people are people and you don't gain or loose points for being white. Most of us (Black Americans) just want to get along and move past all of the race based stuff, especially now. Question: How do you feel when you see the Confederate flag? Why? Answer: The confederate flag is racist and offensive. The Confederate flag represents the confederate states from the civil war. Those states supported slavery and a lot of other things that black people would rather not be reminded of. Most black Americans (again, i'm form the notheast, not the south) would rather not be reminded of the history that the confederate flag represents.

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    BET is my favorite TV station. I'm Asian and W.E.T??? why are they so insulted by BET? its true that there aren't any white rappers or R&b singers. Its like me saying y the F there isn't an A.E.T ( Asian Entertainment Television)? BUt what i think if there was a W.E.T is that it'll be like country, POp, Rock and all that stuff. why bother having that if they got MTV to play all that. The way i feel is that its just stupid! they just wanna hog everything just because its America.

  • Adam S
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    1 decade ago

    Before Cable, everything was White Entertainment Television. I mean, Good Times, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, hardly an accurate reflection of Black culture. Until The Cosby Show it was pretty much that bunch of Steppin Fetchit crap, a couple of Sunday morning church shows and Soul Train.

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    1 decade ago

    I wouldn't be offended at all, but white people sure would. If they had a channel like BET portraying them as ignorant white trailor trash (the equivolent to what we're portrayed as on BET) 24/7, they'd be protesting and yelling and pitching a fit if they had Hot Ghetto White Trash Mess. Sad that we have a BET to disgrace our race while they don't.

  • Abby
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think I would be offended. They had BET because stations/channels like MTV wouldn't play African American videos so we decided to make our own channel. I have a lot of friends who are white and other races who watch BET and don't even think it's just for African-Americans.

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    1 decade ago

    i wouldn't give a sh!t. i'm black and i don't watch BET, because nowadays it glorifies many negative things about the black community. a white entertainment channel (assuming it's hip-hop related) would be the same. and i wouldn't watch it or care about it. im proud of my heritage but at the same time i don't need a TV station to be proud. white people should feel the same if there was a channel aimed at the white community.

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    They had MTV until MJ paved the way for our videos to get shown there. They also got a Country music channel and some other ****. Before BET was created, we didn't have nothing else.

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    ummmm white people already have a channel

    its called every other channel but BET and that latino channel

    they dont call it bet because its FOR black people

    its because mostly african americans act on it

    tats true for white people on like every other show

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    1 decade ago

    I am white but, i think It would be stupid if there was a WET because, most other television channels are white. But Black entertainment television, I seriously think they need to rethink the name. it could come off very racist.

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