Colleges in VA with these grades?

I live in VA and i was just wondering where can i go with these grades/ Etc.

I have 3.2 GPA / 4.5 scale and 1720/2400 SAT score (i am going to retake it n get better score, shooting for 1850.)




i've got 650 on math

and 600 on reading

and i messed up on writing 470

i am a tae kwon do instructor 5years, black belt 3rd degree, in sparring team, and demo team.

i did TSA 2 years. was Vice president (i passed auto CAD certified exam)

won 2 State fair 2nd place for Geography

i did JROTC 2years and went to some Competitions

done my 144 hr. community service hours

i am first one to going to college in my family

i have clean record in high school

and i did Governor School Program thinging (mentorship) - Engineer

and i am korean.. came here when 6 years ago

can speak 3 languages...

played soccer for 5 years in Parks& rec.

i think thats about it...

i want to be a Pilot or FBI agent... which college would be best for those? i think VT is.. but any others i can try?

okay, my questions are

*1. do i have chance getting into Newport, GMU,VT,JMU,ODU,VCU,VMI? (especially VT)

*2. does colleges look at your senior grade too?

*3. What other school can i get in to with this grade?

*4. any special school for Pilot, FBI agent, Military Tech. (can be anywhere)

PLZ! i really need help

**do i still have chance in VT? if i get my grades up during senior year and get high SAT score?

and can u tell me something more about Early Decision?

(if i raise my grade up on 1st sem. wouldn't be late for early decision?)


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    I already answered your question once before but I'll go into a little more detail this time.

    This was my stat before I applied and got rejected at Virginia Tech.

    Freshman G.P.A. = ~2.9

    Summer school [I took Geometry to get into Algebra 2 in my sophomore year and got a B in Geometry]

    Sophomore G.P.A = 2.85

    Junior G.P.A. = 3.5

    Senior G.P.A. = 4.0

    Keep in mind that this is in Northern Virginia where the grading scale used to be 94-100 = A. It became 90-100 during my senior year.

    AP courses: English Language, Biology, Calculus AB, and Literature

    Total SAT score: 1850

    Reading: 610

    Math: 640


    Extra: Section editor for school newspaper, staff writer for school yearbook, Science Honor Society, Quill and Scroll honor society, Environment Club, AASA, 1 year of community service, Track team for one year, Tae Kwon Do for 3 years at Yong In TKD [1st degree], Sparring team [2nd place at some tournament].

    So I pretty much got denied when I applied at regular time.

    I recommend you apply early in which case you would have to start working on your application and essay during the summer and before school. I believe the early application deadline is really early so go check that out. It's usually less competitive to get in for early admission and you can apply for regular admission in case you get deferred from early admission. And yes if you wait for 1st semester grades you will miss early admission. The reason I applied regular was because I wanted to show them that I improved during my senior year. Obviously that didn't work for me because I got denied. But I should have still applied early because I could have still be considered for regular admission if I got deferred from early admission. (Early admission is binding)

    Dude, I raised my SAT score for a 1700's to 1850, did pretty O.K. my senior year, and still got denied. I sort of had the same case as you in that I tried to improve my stat's at the last minute.

    Some suggestions would be for you to get your SAT score to +2000's, write an awesome essay, and do well during senior year. I forgot your G.P.A. isn't a 3.2 out of 4.0 but a 3.2 out of a 4.5 which makes a difference. Don't forget how important your G.P.A. is. It carries more weight during your evaluation than anything else. Don't think your SAT scores will always save you.


    *1. do i have chance getting into Newport, GMU,VT,JMU,ODU,VCU,VMI? (especially VT)

    CNU is a weird school; they had a crappy pool of applicants just a few years back, now they have incoming applicants with 3.5 G.P.A. and 1800 SAT's. I say if you do improve your stats as you say you will, then there is a very good chance for acceptance.

    *2. does colleges look at your senior grade too?


    *3. What other school can i get in to with this grade?

    No guarantee but, UMBC, maybe Mary Washington, St. John's University in New York, CUNY, University of Pittsburg, Temple University, Penn State is pretty much the same level as VT.

    *4. any special school for Pilot, FBI agent, Military Tech. (can be anywhere)

    ROTC! Dude research about this. ROTC is something you do with the military like training while you are in school. It's like an after-school activity you do for the military. Not only do you get the proper training but you get a free college education.

    The only special school for pilots is the one in Colorado, the United States Air Force Academy which is pretty hard to get into. BTW you need 20/20 vision to be a pilot, something that not many Asians have.

    The United States Naval Academy and West Point, both of which are ridiculously difficult to get into. Their denial rates are higher than Harvard.

    To sum everything up: Start working on your application now, write awesome essays, apply to as many schools as you can, do awesome during your senior year, retake and do well on the SAT's, and apply early.

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    Virginia Tech Grading Scale

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    1. gmu accepts anyone with money, so u will get in there if u have money. vt, u have an ok shot... im not familiar with the 4.5 system, i have a 4 system. 2. YES. especially ur first semestar because that is the last time they will see ur grades and it is just as imporatant as the hell known as junior year 3. stick to va colleges, but as i said, i dont know the 4.5 system. 4. i dont know haha sry for early decision, u are legally bound to go. u seem to be really stressing, u shouldnt worry

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    yes sir if you raise your grades first semester it might be to late for early deccision most early descion early action deadlines are november first yes you could get into virgina tech im pretty sure with those credentials based on most schools dont look at your sat writing scores so i would be ok with the scores you have and you should still apply early ecspecially with all your credentials excluding your gpa and sat scores you will stand out form the rest and you are minority so yes i would apply early and dont worry about getting in i think you have a pretty good shot check out this website

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    oh dude. i got accepted to VT last year (im gonna be sophomore next semester) and i was not the brightest kid in my highschool. i mean my grades were "respectable" (mostly A's and B's and C's :P) but i never did extracurricular activities. not even once, believe or not. so if i had to bet, id say ur gonna get in. HOKIE 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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