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Does steaming food have an effect on the salt content?

I'm doing a chemistry experiment, and i was wondering if the salt content of the food you are steaming will change? By content, i mean concentration, etc.

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    By steaming it you would be changing the density of water in the food you are steaming, so therefor the salt concentration would change since the mass of the food has changed.

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    It would depend where the salt was in the food and what form the food was in when being steamed. Remember that steaming is a more gentle cooking than boiling.

    Foods which have salt concentrated near the surface? It would dissolve it most likely.

    Foods that use salt as a preservative would have to be cut in thin slices to lose the salt. If put in as a "chunk", it would likely lose very little salt (mainly near the surface). Grinding it should make you lose even more salt, but it would may also fall through the holes of the steamer.

    Also remember, that there are different types of salts used in food preservation and their solubility may vary.

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    Not really. All the salt that you start out with stays with it throughout cooking.

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    well i would say so because the steam releases the toxins from da foos i.e the salt

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    yes steam is a form of what? condensation caused from heated liquids which do what? they disolve substances.

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    if anything the salt should be depleted

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