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Do you think why peopled think Derek Jeter is Overrated because he is Over talked about?

And over publicized

I think why people think he is Overrated because you hear about him all the time... how classy he is, How clutch is , How respected he is on and off the field and all that stuff.

It amazes me how he has been able to be good under the New York Media which all know is not a walk in the park.

Why do people think many Yankee Fans think he is a God that we worship the ground he walks......NO as Yankee Fans we know what Jeter has meant to the Yankees since he came up.. and yes his defense is not the best i know that but again i don't he is the worst.

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Even if you don't like him.... Honestly how can you not respect the man or at least like the way he Plays baseball.

Update 2:

peopled LOL- I meant to say People :D

Update 3:

Well him Being a Yankee Also plays a good part... but what he has done for the Yankee Franchise he i think currently is the move loved Yankee At the moment.

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    In another question that claimed Jeter was "in your face" classy, I cited this as the reason people think that. Jeter himself is not "in your face" classy. Jeter himself is not overrated.

    The media is what does it all. If Jeter weren't talked about, he wouldn't be hated half as much. If Jeter were a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, no one would talk about him. Who cares about stars on losing teams?

    It's a mix of being a Yankee, being a captain, being NYC's sweetheart, being paid a lot of money, being politically correct in interviews, being in NY where the media is huge and the fans are wild, being on a winning team, and other things, I'm sure.

    EDIT to Goose: I think part of the reason the call got so much attention was because of Jeter's reaction. He emphatically thought that he was safe and he normally doesn't react that way to calls. The other reason it got so much attention was, of course, the fact that he plays in NY, he's the star, he's talked about, the media, etc. But if he hadn't have gotten so upset, I don't think we would have heard much about it.

    I've heard that there were other bad calls in that game, but I didn't see any of them. Only that first one.

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    Yes. I respect Derek Jeter. I think he's a good all around baseball player. But is he overrated? Yes. And that just comes with being a Yankee and being in New York. A prime example of this is what happened the other day when Jeter attempted to steal third. All the attention it got was crazy. Bad calls happen all the time that don't get even a highlight in baseball tonight. Again it just comes from being a Yankee and a good player.

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    I think it's a result of the fact that most people really love to see famous people fail, whether in life or at their profession. (Look at how happy some people are when Brittney Spears goes nuts, or when a famous celeb couple breaks up, etc.)

    And I think that, because Jeter has never really had any hint of scandal attached to him, he's never come out in the press and said anything that was the least bit controversial, and because he seems to have a tremendous respect for the fans, the Yankees and for baseball in general, they have to come up with some other reason to dislike him. And since most of those people are too ignorant to realize that a player's value to a team is not just based on individual statistics, or on comparing those stats to those of other players, they attempt to use those statistics as an excuse to say the only thing they can say bad about him.

    Overrated is what the people who are slightly more intelligent than the folks who feel that "(insert team or player name here) sucks" qualifies as witty repartee. Not a lot more intelligent, but at least a slightly higher level of idiocy.

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    People just don't like him because he is successfull and he is a Yankee. We all know a lot of people hate the Yankees and always will, Yankees Fans will always know that and won't be able to escape that fact, it is all fueled by their jealousy and envy of Derek! They are jealous of a player like Jeter because they have never had someone like that and he is such an amazing ball player and an amazing person. He plays the game right and how it is supposed to be played at an elite level. They wish they had a person and ball player like that! We (I am a Yankee Fan) don't worship him and we don't think he is a god, he is just an amazing player and person! Simple as that.

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    Fans often try to compare Ramirez, Rollins, and Reyes to him which is crazy considering Jeter has been playing for 15 years.

    Jeter isn't going to hit 35 hr's at this point nor is he going to steal 60 bases. But he will get around 200 hits, hit over .300, and deliver clucth hits.

    The guy is on pace to become the first Yankee in history to get 3,000 hits. That should more than enough to silence all of the "over rated" critics.

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    Orioles fan here, and even though I may not like the Yankees....if your name is Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera, I have the greatest respect for those three who have great talent and have been with the Yankees the entire way.

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    jeter is definately not overrated. he is one of the greatest yankees to ever live and a total class act. the guy plays all out every single day and if anything, i would say he's underrated, yes underrated. i would easily rate him as one of the 3 best short stops of all time, and could possibly rate him the best. he is a great player.

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    The only reason why people consider him overrated is because he is not as great as he was when he was 5 years ago. It happens to all players, at some point their at the top of the game, and as they get older when they are not as great people(especially fans of another team) consider them overrated.

    To me I do think his defense is not as great as other short stops but I consider him a top 5 shortstop still because he is such a consistant player. To people who conisder him overrated, I bet if they had a chance to to have Jeter at shortstop they would.

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    That is a good point and have never really looked at it that way. And yes I do think that he is overrated because he is over talked about. I like players who are not as well known and are on the smaller market teams.

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    i think the only reason people think he is overrated is because he is a yankee if he was on there team they would love him

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