2010 Free Agents questions-NBA?

The NBA 2010 Free Agents is a big name filled group.Carlos Boozer

Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani ,Richard Jefferson Manu Ginobli Amare Stoudemire Steve Nash JJ Redick (restricted) Peja Stojakovic

Tyson Chandler Dwayne Wade Jermaine Oneal Kobe Bryant

Yao Ming eto tracy mcgrady Kenyon Martin Dirk Nowitzki Josh Howard

Shaq Lebron James Paul Pierce Ray Allen Joe Johnson.

What players do you think will end up playing together and where?

What teams will be the most affected by the free agent group ( in a good and bad way)

Is this the greatest free agent group of all time?

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    Nope, the best was...

    Magic Johnson

    KArrem Abdula JAbarr

    lol Idk

    i think this year is the best cause Kobes in it :)and btw it doesnt really say Lebron in the list at

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    KB already agreed to an extension so he shouldnt be included in that group.

    As for the rest, half of those guys arent really franchise players anymore.

    The real question is really about Bosh, Nash, Wade, James. These guys are franchise changers, they can really steer a franchise in the right or wrong direction.

    I see Nash going to any team that competes. He is too old to stick around for rebuilding team.

    Wade staying in Miami unless some **** goes down this year.

    Lebron is the tricky one, there the whole loyalty to CLE, his love for NY, his lack of showing commitment to CLE.

    Bosh I just dont see any situation where he would consider staying in Toronto unless they have a really good year this year.

    As for playing together Bosh is the most likely one to be pair up with another great star player.

    The teams that have the most cap space will be affected the most. i.e. Miami, New York.

    Its definitely a interesting free agency but i dont know about all time tho.

  • 1 decade ago

    Paul and Ray will stay in Boston because there older and it'll make sense to retire where they already have a championship worthy team. Kobe signed a three year extension already so hes going no where. Lebron is going to be offered an extension next week and if ariza decides to come im sure he will take it.(btw ariza never signed with rockets yet!) If the cavs get ariza a championship is almost guaranteed so shaq will want to stick around. And Lbj wants bosh next season so what the king wants he gets plus the cavs wont have money problems knowing about the Chinese investments. D-wade will stay in miami if miami signs someone that can make them a title contender a again. He said this on espn. He does not want to leave he just wants a better chance to win. And the rest are all toss ups.

    Source(s): ESPN freak
  • 1 decade ago

    I think the vast majority of them are going to wind up staying with their original teams. The League office sent a memo out to all the teams a day or so ago, warning them that unless the economy picks up that the salary cap will be appreciably lower in 2010. That means teams won't have nearly the salary cap space they thought they would, and makes it more likely that players will stay with their original teams, who can offer them the most money.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Chris Bosh will be part of the Thunder. Lebron will be a Knick. Dwayne Wade will stay with the Heat. He will be joined by Kenyon Martin and Carlos Boozer. The Thunder will also receive Shaq.

  • 1 decade ago

    lebron stays, bosh goes somewhere, wade chicago but i doubt it, bargnani justed signed a 5 year extension

  • 1 decade ago

    You can't tell because this season hasn't even started. You don't know what kind of seasons the players will have and team needs.

  • PAVY-7
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    i think most will stay same team and half those players r old and have player options worth alot more money then they would get at their age

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    half of them r already on a team

    Source(s): i bet u $50 shaq and lebron will be on the same team
  • 4 years ago

    Maurice Evans Atlanta Unrestricted F.A. Al Horford Atlanta Restricted F.A. Acie Law Atlanta Restricted F.A. Kendrick Perkins Boston Unrestricted F.A. Paul Pierce Boston Unrestricted F.A. Jared Dudley Charlotte Restricted F.A. Nazr Mohammed Charlotte Unrestricted F.A. Jason Richardson Charlotte Unrestricted F.A. Joakim Noah Chicago Restricted F.A. Darnell Jackson Cleveland Restricted F.A. LeBron James Cleveland Unrestricted F.A. Delonte West Cleveland Unrestricted F.A. Jose Barea Dallas Unrestricted F.A. Erick Dampier Dallas Unrestricted F.A. Josh Howard Dallas Unrestricted F.A. Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Unrestricted F.A. Kenyon Martin Denver Unrestricted F.A. J.R. Smith Denver Unrestricted F.A. Sonny Weems Denver Restricted F.A. Arron Afflalo Detroit Restricted F.A. Tayshaun Prince Detroit Unrestricted F.A. Rodney Stuckey Detroit Restricted F.A. Kelenna Azubuike Golden State Unrestricted F.A. Marco Belinelli Golden State Restricted F.A. Jamal Crawford Golden State Unrestricted F.A. Richard Hendrix Golden State Restricted F.A. Brandan Wright Golden State Restricted F.A. Shane Battier Houston Unrestricted F.A. Aaron Brooks Houston Restricted F.A. Chuck Hayes Houston Unrestricted F.A. Carl Landry Houston Unrestricted F.A. Ming Yao Houston Unrestricted F.A. Mike Dunleavy Indiana Unrestricted F.A. T.J. Ford Indiana Unrestricted F.A. Jeff Foster Indiana Unrestricted F.A. Troy Murphy Indiana Unrestricted F.A. Jamaal Tinsley Indiana Unrestricted F.A. DeAndre Jordan L.A. Clippers Restricted F.A. Zach Randolph L.A. Clippers Unrestricted F.A. Mike Taylor L.A. Clippers Restricted F.A. Al Thornton L.A. Clippers Restricted F.A. Kobe Bryant L.A. Lakers Unrestricted F.A. Pau Gasol L.A. Lakers Unrestricted F.A. Vladimir Radmanovic L.A. Lakers Unrestricted F.A. Sasha Vujacic L.A. Lakers Unrestricted F.A. Greg Buckner Memphis Unrestricted F.A. Mike Conley Memphis Restricted F.A. Javaris Crittenton Memphis Restricted F.A. Marc Gasol Memphis Restricted F.A. Hamed Haddadi Memphis Restricted F.A. Marko Jaric Memphis Unrestricted F.A. Antoine Walker Memphis Unrestricted F.A. Marcus Banks Miami Unrestricted F.A. Mario Chalmers Miami Restricted F.A. Daequan Cook Miami Restricted F.A. Dwyane Wade Miami Unrestricted F.A. Dan Gadzuric Milwaukee Unrestricted F.A. Richard Jefferson Milwaukee Unrestricted F.A. Luc Mbah a Moute Milwaukee Unrestricted F.A. Michael Redd Milwaukee Unrestricted F.A. Corey Brewer Minnesota Restricted F.A. Sebastian Telfair Minnesota Unrestricted F.A. Keyon Dooling New Jersey Unrestricted F.A. Chris Douglas-Roberts New Jersey Restricted F.A. Yi Jianlian New Jersey Restricted F.A. Sean Williams New Jersey Restricted F.A. Tyson Chandler New Orleans Unrestricted F.A. Morris Peterson New Orleans Unrestricted F.A. Peja Stojakovic New Orleans Unrestricted F.A. Julian Wright New Orleans Restricted F.A. Wilson Chandler New York Restricted F.A. Eddy Curry New York Unrestricted F.A. Jared Jeffries New York Unrestricted F.A. Nick Collison Oklahoma City Unrestricted F.A. Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Restricted F.A. Jeff Green Oklahoma City Restricted F.A. Samuel Dalembert Philadelphia Unrestricted F.A. Reggie Evans Philadelphia Unrestricted F.A. Willie Green Philadelphia Unrestricted F.A. Jason Smith Philadelphia Restricted F.A. Thaddeus Young Philadelphia Restricted F.A. Amare Stoudemire Phoenix Unrestricted F.A. Alando Tucker Phoenix Restricted F.A. Greg Oden Portland Restricted F.A. Joel Przybilla Portland Unrestricted F.A. Spencer Hawes Sacramento Restricted F.A. John Salmons Sacramento Unrestricted F.A. Ian Mahinmi San Antonio Restricted F.A. Tony Parker San Antonio Unrestricted F.A. Chris Bosh Toronto Unrestricted F.A. Kris Humphries Toronto Unrestricted F.A. Jason Kapono Toronto Unrestricted F.A. Roko Ukic Toronto Restricted F.A. Andrei Kirilenko Utah Unrestricted F.A. Caron Butler Washington Unrestricted F.A. Oleksiy Pecherov Washington Restricted F.A. Darius Songaila Washington Unrestricted F.A. DeShawn Stevenson Washington Unrestricted F.A. Nick Young Washington Restricted F.A. unrestricted free agents can sign with any team. restricted free agents are "restricted." If they wish to sign with another team, the team they played for last season has the right to match any offer and keep the player. example: anderson varejao - was a restricted free agent, signed with bobcats. However, the cavaliers matched the bobcats' offer, that is, they proposed the same contract, and varejao was forced to return to the cavs

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