Do you think the United States Spends too much money on Military?

I'm Irish and the U.S spent $651,163,000,000 last year on Military alone.
And WTF the whole of Ireland only has €300,000,000,000 roughly.
The whole EU only spent less than half the U.S last year too.

Your thoughts..............
Update: Death to Bumba I agree the U.N does F**k all.
Update 2: Iraq is costing you $200,000,000,000 a year too. What good did that do?
Update 3: Hey Ireland ranks as probably the Freest country on the planet and we don't spend that much on Military.
Update 4: Yo Gentle Giant 2 How did the Us save Europe from Stalin..what did you do at all.
Update 5: SFC_Ollie look up on Wikipedia and you will se Ireland ranks well ahead of the United States.
Update 6: Ollie when Freedom is threatened we will look to ourselves as we did in 1916 and 1920 when the British owned a quarter of the Earth and was more powerful than the United States is now.
Update 7: $$$ + U.S Army = Nice Weapons
Update 8: Ollie it is a total right-wing America propaganda Article and you still say something as monumentally thick as that.
Update 9: Wikipedia is just quoting Freedom House which happens to be an American Organization Ollie. You are so Stupid!
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