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Whats the difference between a ride and crash ride cymbal?

I know what a ride cymbal is but what does a crash ride do / sound like?

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    Crash/ride is the same as a ride aside from the fact that they are usually thinner and smaller in width. This gives the cymbal a higher, richer sound production, while still allowing you to get ride style pitches and bell tones. The bell obviously being the lifted part in the middle of the cymbal.

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    a splash cymbal is a small cymbal between 5 and 13 inches that you hit like a crash cymbal and it sounds like a splash in water a ride cymbal is a cymbal between 18 and 30 inches that you hit on top and on the bell to get a ping sound you should get a 20 inch ride to put on the right side of your kit behind the floor tom if you want to get a splash thats fine but if you want to go big thats cool also ive only been playing for a few months but i already have a splash hi-hats 3 crash cymbals a china and a ride and im planning on getting more

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