Which book is the best?

i have to read two of the following books for a school project. please liost these books in you order of preference with the first as the best and the last as the worst.


1. harry potter

2. nancy drew

3. american chillers


here are the books.

"the pact" by davis, jenkins, and hunt

"the red pony" by john steinbeck

"the bean tres" by barbra kingsolver

"red sky at morning" by richard braford

"a lesson before dying" by earnest j. gaines

"life on the mississippi" by mark twain

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1.Red Pony

    2.Red Sky at Morning

    3.The Pact

    4.Life on the Mississippi

    5.The Bean Tres

    6.A lesson Before Dying

    I had to read them all for school too..... What a coincidence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Uhh that one is number one, the other one number two, the one with that guy number 3, the one about Pluto four, the one called life on Pennsylvania number 5, the one about the thing number 6, and the one about the guy who eats duck number 7

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