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Isn't it time Obama got called on accounts for spending?

The figures are in. As required by Congress since 1995, salaries paid to staffers employed in the West Wing of the White House must be publicly reported. Most of you won't be pleased to learn that your tax dollars are paying $1,448,500 annually to provide the First Lady, Michelle Obama, with the staff she feels she needs to execute her duties as FLOTUS.

For purposes of comparison, please consult Dan Froomkin's 2004 White House Staff List-By Salary published in the Washington Post on June 13, 2004. Tallying Laura Bush's staff from the list provided by Froomkin totals $561,325 in annual salaries for the former First Lady's staff.

This number does not include White House maintenance or kitchen staff or the occasional pizza night with Barack and Michelle flying in the chef from a St. Louis restaurant to kick back and share some deep dish with 140 of their close personal friends. Nor does it include date nights in Chicago.

And it certainly doesn't include Michelle's European vacation with her daughters. In fact, CNS reports that

"the White House will not reveal the cost to taxpayers of the European vacation that first lady Michelle Obama and the president's two daughters, Malia and Sasha, took last month."

Despite deploying multiple aircraft, a huge staff and a motorcade of 20 vehicles including support staff on tours of London and Paris and la-di-da, apparently the White House feels there is some sort of executive privilege involved in withholding the cost of the First Family's extravagances from the citizens who foot the bill for them.

Perhaps they thought we wouldn't notice?

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    It's time he got impeached.

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    It is time for ALL our representatives to be held to account for their actions.

    There is an oath that has been sent to every representative in the Senate and Congress that simply asks that they vow never to vote on a bill that they have not personally read and that has not been online for public view for 72 hours before being signed.

    Some have sent it back and agreed to the oath. Others have not, yet. The authors of this oath are waiting to see who agrees, then they will do something very simple:

    Post the lists. Let you decide.

    Hold Our Representatives Accountable. List the names, politely, respectfully, and LET THE TAXPAYERS DECIDE!

    THAT is democratic principles in action in our representative republic.

    Shall we? Post such notices here, in Yahoo! Answers. Let people see such lists. Let them decide. Who votes for what? Someone should start a website and send out links to it. Or does it already exist?

    Don't just hold the President accountable. If you do that, all the people that use the President as a scapegoat get away with it. Hold Them All To Account.

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    Liberals were all over Mark Sanford for less.

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    lets dont go there. reagan, clinton, bush all had big money to play with

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    He should be, but he won't.

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