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TH Family, How's your room decorated?

So, I am curious to know how your rooms are decorated :)

Do you only have a couple of posters or are your walls completely COVERED with posters?

I've just been watching vids on YouTube of people's rooms and I was basically like :O the whole time, some people really have gone all out haha


Well, It's totally plain because we're moving so I'm not allowed to put anything up :(

But once we move, Imma go nuts :D haha

Update 2:

ILoveBillKaulitz<3: Your room is AWESOME! haha don't worry though, that's pretty clean compared to what mine is normally where'd you get your posters? E-bay? haha that's where I'm getting mine :)

Update 3:

Oh and I mainly meant how is it decorated with TH things :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nearly completed covered.

    I had 52 posters, now i have more! ;D

    Here is my bedroom(:

    Sorry about how messy it is! I was cleaning xD

    How about you?



    Source(s): Edit: Im really sorry, i have cups and headphones, pants and everything lying around =O Edit: Haha! Go nuts, its Tokio Hotel! (: The sky's the limit ;D Ok, im using a saying i dont even know the meaning to =O Haha, it means that you can do alot yeah? :\ Haha(: Edit: @ Burt loves Gusty(: Haha, thanks(: Oo; and its actually subway, (: Edit@zimmer483. Awwww thank-you <3 Yeah, ive gotten all of them off ebay. Are you getting yours from there? :D
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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, there are posters only of TH in all the walls xD even in the roof . I have over 100 posters sure ! xD

    I have too a shelf only for TH things with magazines only of TH , photoposters of TH, my caught on camera and zimmer 483 DVD's and the disc schrei, room 483 and scream , apart from this I have some pins of TH, my TH speciall edition of scream, one bracer, and I think thas is all XD sure I forgotting something xD

    I have too a bed for 2 persons with a white dorsel , a very big tv, I don't know , so many things xD

    and there are two windows and one balcony....^^

    I'm so sorry for mi english

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  • fvdvdv
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    My room is completely plain! =/

    I'm leaving for college next year so..I mean whats the point in decorating it now? lol =[ It's a little too late.

    All I have in my room is a sofabed, a tv (which I don't even use), a computer and a desk (all my clothes goes in my closet).

    ILoveBillKaulitz , OMG OMG OMG Where did you get this poster? The one on the right where Bill is wearing a white shirt and Tom is wearing the red?

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  • Susan
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    To me I think you can like who you want to because you can not turn back and be a younger age, to like a band, That's what i think of it, But Don't take it like she does, I mean you can have a poster to support them, and all but not bringing down your own family, I saw that before,

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  • 1 decade ago

    Omg tokio hotel! Its not everyday you see a tokio hotel related question on the yahoo answers home page! Lol! Im guessing tokio hotels familys may have a couple posters...but for th themselves in some vids of them in the recording studio you can see they have a few too :D

    An btw, new news from today says tokio hotels record company said that the new albums should be out on october 2nd! Exciteeed! :D

    You have a twitter? Follow mee!

    Source(s): Mega fan! <3
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  • Okay..

    My room has like 150 tokio hotel posters,Maybe more?(German family xD)

    A huuuuge shelf with just magazines with tokio hotel in,Even if it's just a tiny picture,My TH DVD's and TH CD's.

    I think that's it.I might go look in a moment (:

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  • my room is completely TH xD my walls are black and red checkerboard, but you cant see it because all the posters and stuff(: my bed has TH pillows and a TH comforter on it lol and on my walls there are 4 TH logos and 3 stars like bill's tattoo. i have a TH wall clock and 2 TH calenders lol and above my bed is my poster i had them sign last year, its framed lol xD

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  • 1 decade ago

    well right now moneys tight so i can't buy as many TH posters as I want so I make my own which I think is better cuz its more special!!! But I plan on buying some, It will complete my room rofl

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my room is pretty plain..

    i have a blue bed o.o and cream walls.

    i've got my TH concert pics skattered everywhere and i've got 4 posters of them. i used to have the numbers 483 on the outside of my door XD

    and i've got a little thing on my closet door that says Scream It Out Loud(:

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have a TH wall! :) Which means my whole wall is COVERED in TH posters. :)

    My mom used to get mad when I put posters up, but then I explained to her that it's artistic and a form of self-expression and she lets me now! :)

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  • i have a a bunch of Tokio hotel stufff on my wallls and a bunch of marilyn monroe stuff on my wallls!i have a a couple posters of th and a few things i did in art class and others i drew on my free time! but im going to redo it more classy and have this pic of bill a drew framed on my wall and a pic of marilyn monroe i drew framed on my wall!

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