TH Family, How's your room decorated?

So, I am curious to know how your rooms are decorated :)

Do you only have a couple of posters or are your walls completely COVERED with posters?
I've just been watching vids on YouTube of people's rooms and I was basically like :O the whole time, some people really have gone all out haha
Update: Well, It's totally plain because we're moving so I'm not allowed to put anything up :(

But once we move, Imma go nuts :D haha
Update 2: ILoveBillKaulitz<3: Your room is AWESOME! haha don't worry though, that's pretty clean compared to what mine is normally where'd you get your posters? E-bay? haha that's where I'm getting mine :)
Update 3: Oh and I mainly meant how is it decorated with TH things :)
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