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Who watched michael jacksons memorial and was touched by it?

I thought it was beautiful what they did. It was a tear jerker when brooke shields and his own daughter spoke.

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    Oh, yes. I didn't even watch the whole thing, and I was almost brought to tears. Especially when his daughter spoke. That was truly heartbreaking, because when many people saw Michael Jackson as a monster, it shows that she didn't pull into the media and she saw her father AS a real father. R.I.P. Michael Jackson!

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    Yes it was really moving and poignant...especially when his daughter spoke, it was a genuinely heart-breaking moment.

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    Yes I was really surprised at how touching and tasteful it was without being over the top..

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    me... omg when i saw his daughter it was so sad... i wish them the best.

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    hopefully no children

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    It was extremely sad. ;[

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    I had not laughed that hard for that long before....

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