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Where can I directly download the most current Spybot Search and Destroy definitions?

I have some sort of virus that is preventing me from viewing almost any website that can remove viruses. I can't find a website to download the definitions for Spybot without me getting a "Server not found" page.

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    Try this freeware to get rid of the malware.

    Norman Malware Cleaner is a Norman program utility that may be used to detect and remove more than 2,000,000 malwares.


    1) Use another PC to download Malware Cleaner to an USB pen drive.

    2) Boot up your infected PC in safe mode (press F8 during start up)

    3) Plug in your USB pen drive and run Malware Cleaner to clean your PC.

    Then you can go and download the latest definitions here.


    The reason spybot cannot protect you effectively is because you never keep it up-to-date and enable tea-timer to lock the registry and enable the advance feature to lock the hosts file.

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    Unfortunately S&D is out of date and is not effective against current / new types of spyware. I recommend you use malwarebytes instead.

    If you need the install file for it, then I will e-mail you it. I will also rename it to "mbLoL" or something weird so that your virus does not detect it.

    If you cannot install it because of this virus, or cannot even download it, then I recommend booting your computer into safe mode with networking enabled and then trying.

    Run malwarebyes, as it is very effective. Delete any infections that it finds. If you still have your problems, then go to this website for a free online virus scan.


    Delete any entries that it finds.


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    go search it on yahoo or better, go get windows 98

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