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How do you feel about officially-sanctioned racial discrimination at the United States Naval Academy?

The Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Gary Roughead, announced in Annapolis recently that "diversity is the number one priority" at the Naval Academy. To further that dubious goal, the Navy has instituted a two-tier admission policy at the Academy in blatant violation of recent SCOTUS rulings.

Affirmative action is reprehensible in most instances, but when it diminishes the quality of the officer corps of the United States Navy, it is reckless and borderline treasonous.

What do you think?


kaito: The author is a professor of twenty years plus standing at the USNA and sat on the admissions board. He knows what he's talking about.

Update 2:

crab: You obviously didn't bother to read it. Minorities who had scores on the SAT which would have rendered them unfit for further consideration are not only passed into a slate of candidates, but granted automatic admission. If that's not discrimination, what do YOU call it?

Update 3:

duh: You obviously have no concept of what the USNA, and our other military academies are all about. They are incredibly competitive institutions of higher learning in which the officer corps of our uniformed services are educated. They are not simply vocational schools. The educations received therein are on par with those received at Ivy League institutions or in many cases even better. They are producing the men and women who will be charged with protecting this nation in the future. Do you REALLY want skin color to be a determining factor in admissions when so much is on the line?

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    I agree it is reckless and borderline treasonous.

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    This author has no facts to back up those claims of lower grades. "Quite a few C's"? What is that supposed to mean, and more importantly, where did he get that from?

    Edit: I understand that he knows what he's talking about, and that would be OK with me if it were something subjective. But with something as objective as test scores, where it can be calculated down to percentages, I would expect some numerical data to back it up.

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    this article is just downright racist. And who cares in nonwhite people are in our military. The article says almost half of the navy is already made up of minorities. And it doesn't matter if they did slightly worse in high school because they are all gonna get the same training/ instruction at school. There will be just as many dummies and geniuses graduating as there were before.

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    I guess it all depends on your opinion of racism. I believe all racism is wrong so I don't think that it should be practiced to promote diversity. You can disguise it anyway you want. Call it "Affirmative Action" or "promoting diversity" but in the end it's plain and simple racism.

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    Only those who are qualified should get in.

    I wouldn't call it racism, maybe racial sympathy for minorities at the expense of the general population.

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    It's fine--because it is not discrimination. The Navy policy is designed to combat discrimination.

    The ONLY people who are whining about it are racist losers who can't get in against fair competition and don't want to admit they are inferior to African Americans, other minorities, women--and anyone else that's not white trash.

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    Who cares? It's just the Navel Academy. It's not like it's Yale or someplace important.

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    I don't think its treasonous, just misguided and utterly stupid. It probably won't change much.

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