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music suggestions for my iPod?

ok, i want more songs on my iPod and i am getting a $25 gift card for iTunes and i download some of my other songs. but i really want some new songs, so what do you guys have to suggest? :) i really like fall out boy, pitbull, akon, kanye west, cobra starship, simple plan, the all american rejects, david cook, eminem, flo rida, katy perry, lily allen, paramore, rihanna, taylor swift, t-pain, weezer, 3OH!3... see, i told you im a music addict. :) so, do you have any music/song suggestions?

P.S. if you wanna know, my favorite song is birthday sex by jerimih.


i also like LMFAO, the ting tings (sort of), britney spears, t.i., justin timberlake, timberland... yeah, and my friend just asked me while we were texting what my favorite 3OH!3 songs are- dont trust me, im not your boyfriend baby, richman and i sort of like electroshock.

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    Try David Cook's old band: MWK

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    Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses, The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden, and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles are some great albums by great musicians.

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    Erin McCarley! she is one of the best artists ever!! (or at least i think so ^_^) my favorite songs by her are:

    Pitter Pat

    Pony (It's OK)


    Love Save the Empty

    you should definitely check those out =)

    i also love Priscilla Ahn,




    are my favorite songs by her (the song Dream is featured in Bride Wars by the way, don't know if you've seen that, but it comes in towards the end. that's how i found out about her)

    those are my 2 favorite artists at the moment =), hope you like the songs!

    (oh and by the way, i think that miley/hannah is a horrible singer, i can't believe she's famous for that naisly little voice of hers, lol)

    EDIT: check out The Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta Feeling"


    Sean Kingston "Fire Burning"

    sorry that's sort of a lot of songs, but, i just had to get in some of my other favorites =) even though you've probably already heard them

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    Buy a full Kanye album, he is the best rapper ever, i suggest Late Registration (my favorite)

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    definitely get some classic rock Led Zeppelin ACDC some metal Mötley Crüe yeah get these kind of bands in youre ipod

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    lmfao i was gonna say birthday sex.

    we made you-eminem.

    diamonds in a rhinestone world-blood on the dance floor.

    zombie girl-dance of the headless corpse.

    face down.-red jumpsuit apparatis[SPELLCHECKK.]

    you want me-pitbull.

    everybody else-carebears on fire.

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    Bon Jovi, perhaps ?


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    michael jackson songs!! :D

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