LGBT: Honest question. How much are you influenced against Christianity by the haters?

The so-called Christians, who speak hatred against gays? The homophobic, misguided individuals who preach hatred instead of love?

To what extent is your thinking / attitude about Christianity poisoned and alienated by these jerks?

I think they are doing the Christian cause a lot of harm with their misguided rhetoric.

Is this a major factor in your rejection of Christianity?

No preaching here, just an honest question.

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    1 decade ago
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    No. Nor do I consider them Christians.

    Though I am agnostic, I have read the Bible many, many, many times. And the Bible speaks about love, acceptance and kindness FAR more than it preaches against homosexuality, and there are hardly any verses about hate. Though I do not believe he was the son of God, I believe Jesus Christ to be one of the most inspirational and kind individuals who ever lived.

    People who preach hate in Christ's name are not Christian. By being hateful, they are rejecting Christ and everything he stood for. Christ was not a hateful man. He was a healer, a lover, and a brother to all men and women. Those so-called "Christians" who think Jesus Christ is on their side in hate are wrong. Desperately wrong. And I do not call them Christians. Christianity doesn't just mean that you believe in some robed, bearded guy floating in the sky: it means you believe in him AND follow him.

    I do think they hurt Christians in general, though. It's VERY easy for a lot of people to assume that all Christians are awful, hateful people based on meeting several hateful people. Sadly, they end up being the loudest. When many people think of "Christians," they don't think of loving, peaceful people... they think groups like Westboro. And those people DO harm the Christian cause. Yes, it's wrong to stereotype Christians based on those hateful ones, but for many whose only experiences ARE with those hateful ones, I can understand.

    I do not believe in Christianity--or any other religion--not because of these people. I am not a fan of ANY religion because I personally find it rather illogical, but I do believe there is beauty in religion (when not used hatefully) and I still consider myself a very spiritual person in ways different than most. I am open to the possibility that Christianity could be real, but my conception of what God would be is very different from any idea set forth. I don't really "reject" Christianity, but more just... don't find any compelling reason to believe in it over others.

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    It's not just Christianity that I dislike, I dislike all religions, to be honest. And my reasons for not likeing religion goes deeper than just the "homophobic, misguided individuals who preach hatred instead of love" that you mention.

    When you look back in history, a lot of major problems and wars were caused by religions. I just can't get past all the pain and suffering that is caused by other people pushing their beliefs to the point of using violence.

    I'm not against religious people, though. You can believe what you want, I don't mind. I just don't like religions... if that makes any sense...

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  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    Well hun, some people simply lack understanding. Others simply hate or fear. A lot of homophobes have turned out to be self-hating homesxuals themselves, or fear that they can become homosexual if they spend time with someone of an alternate sexuality. Others use the bible as a reason. The main reason this ticks me off for one is the fact that a lot of people use the bible to justify prejudice against gay people, but ignore the other biblical crimes. The bible whilst indeed claiming homsexuality is wrong in leviticus, also supports the oppression of women, supports slavery, bans wearing clothing of mixed fabrics - I could go on. People tend to be slective when it comes to the bible. Some people say "It's not natural" I beg to differ. Homosexuality in the animal kingdom is all too common, media recently came to show two male penguins adopting an abandoned chick - proving that gay parenting is also natural. Homosexuality used to be considered a sick mental illness - comperable to child-molestation. Thankfully that view has been quelled (by the legal system at least) and with a little luck, hopefully in future the people around us will be more accepting of other people, in spite of age, race, gender or sexuality.

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    Honestly I was influenced against Christianity by two prime examples:

    1.) I learned that people of all religions have killed countless numbers, and it is considered normal and worse yet the work of God. I mean just look in the Bible: King David killed 200 people for nothing but their foreskins - he even killed the foreigner who risked life and limb to give him a message that Saul was dead. They slaughtered whole kingdoms of people... and it continues all throughout history, all in the name of God, YHWH or Allah. (For most Christians, a great deal of emphasis is put on Old Testament stories, so I'm not confusing faiths here.)

    2.) I learned that it was okay to reject biological, astrological, psychological, sometimes even medical sciences. "The haters" are just icing on the cake.

    So there, preaching to a minimum, this is what "drove me from God." I fully acknowledge that many Christians and those of other faiths are as nonviolent and logical as any, but nonetheless through my research I have come to realize that such religions cannot possibly be correct.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm incredibly lucky to have one of the good Christians as my best friend.

    But I do think that for people who have something against Christianity, it is usually because of those who preach hatred instead of love. I know I talk about him a lot, but Andrew Marin is just this awesome guy who wrote a book about how the politics of "Ex-gay" and "God hates f*gs" rhetoric only end up pushing GLBT folks away from God- and that certainly isn't what Christ was trying to do.

    Source(s): I'm not Christian, but it's not because I think Christianity is evil- I know too many wonderful Christians.
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not against Christianity, but I'm not a Christian. I was raised Catholic and I attended a Catholic school my whole life. All those years of sitting in religion classes made me realize that I don't believe the vast majority of Christinity's responses to social issues. It's not just the homophobia; it's the stances on other things like birth control, abortion, euthanasia, and capital punishment, among others.

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    um no i am not influenced by those people.

    i am a gay christian though, and i would never let anybody get in the way of god's love.

    i used to reject all religion but when i came out, i looked for a spiritual thing for myself. Im also a Zen Buddhist and I think believing in a higher power is good.

    But i agree that te ones that preach their hatred instead of love are undermining Christianity.

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    1 decade ago

    I simply consider them pitiful and ignorant.

    I can't hate a whole group because of a few or even a few thousand that would be like the racists who hate an entire race or bloodline based on their interactions or their families brain washing based on their ill perceived notions and or interactions with a few.

    However with that said I will ad that it has been religions that have caused war,and has killed millions in its name whereas by whatever name they wish to label it our individual right of free will,sin,evil,immorality,or whatever has not done this in the least it has practiced its acts of free will privately quietly affectionately down through the ages.

    Lastly I struggle not to hate anyone,I struggle to be what we ask tolerant of others.

    I indeed may be judged for ny actions in life,then again maybe its like the religion of the ancient geeks myth-I hope not.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yeah it is for me. when i came out, my religious parents totally rejected me. their zealotry got me frustrated with the whole antiquated ideology of fundamentalist christianity.

    coming on a forum like this one, where it is open to anyone in the world to comment, you expect the fundies to rant - i just report every comment i see that i find offensive - but even if they got blacklisted from yahoo answers, they could easily open up a new account.

    one thing that i've learnt from life, is that you can't change other people's beliefs. you can't change the way another person is going to react to something, all you can change is the way you respond to that action.

    we can either keep reporting them and hope that the yahoo powers that be figure out a way to ban certain people from the LGBT forum (i wish), or we can ignore them.

    my personal religious perspective is agnostic - i came from a religious household, but it has never been important enough to me to retain a religious point of view. my sister will tell you that you don't need religion to be religious - i'd tell you that you don't need religion to turn out a good person.

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    1 decade ago

    no because i don't see them as christians really because if they were they would not judge others and they would accept everyone with an open heart. to me the christians who are homophobic are hypocrites and misinterpret the bible. also someone can be gay and a christian. i am bisexual(maybe a lesbian im kind of confused right now) and i am also catholic.

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