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What can you do when you get scammed?

I am getting scammed. They are keep emailing about winning money. What should I do?!

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    If you've never replied to the bogus lottery emails, then you're in no danger of being scammed.

    You can report the messages to the following people:

    Internet Fraud Complaint Center:

    FraudAid Scam Reporting Email:

    Castle Cops:

    Federal Trade Commission:

    Fraudwatch International: scams@fraudwatchinternational

    Also, you can report it here:

    Then you should get them spammed straight into oblivion right away.

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    Your not being scammed... yet.

    Just mark the emails as Spam. Don't respond to them and you have nothing to worry about.

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    Don't reply to them and send them to the junk folder.

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