can using two stroke oil in a four stroke engine affect it?


i mean if i mix it in the gas...i know i need to use 4 stroke or just 10-40 or 20-50 or whatever i choose for the crankcase...i'm not that stupid. i was told my bike was a two stroke, so i have been using it, but i just found out it's actualy a four stroke...just wondering if i should disassemble the engine and head and clean it out..

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    Oh my gosh people, all oil has lubricating properties. Especially if we are talking about oil that is designed for use in internal combustion engines.

    Two significant differences of 2 stroke vs 4 stroke oil is:

    1. detergent level. 2 stroke engines don't have to deal with the blow-by of exhaust into the crankcase. One of the duties of 4 stroke (auto) oil is as a dispersant to hold contaminants in suspension so that sludge will not build up.

    2. two stoke oil has a lower ash level. This is to prevent/minimize the build up of carbon on the piston and in the ports (exhaust).

    I don't foresee any short term damage to the engine, but without the detergent qualities of a 4 stroke oil, you risk long term damage with internal "gunk".



    Why didn't you say so......

    There is/will be no harm to your engine, other than the cloud of smoke that you left behind you. Just tell the questioners that you are beta testing a mosquito killing fog.

    It could even be helpful in small doses. Ever hear of top cylinder lubricant? Just not in a 40-1 ratio.

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    2 Stroke Oil In 4 Stroke Engine

  • Denice
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    4 years ago

    4 Strokes make good power @ lower RPMs than a 2 stroke. For that reason alone I prefer them. They're also cleaner to the air. BUT, a 4 stroke is harder to start once it's fallen to the ground. Takes a lot more kicking. Not a big deal, most have compression releases nowdays that make this easier. I've seen how some riding areas are thinking about not allowing 2 strokes due to the noise and air quality, so that's something to consider...

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    Four-stroke. It makes its power lower in the rev range, so you're not having to keep that engine wound up tight to climb hills, get over obstacles, etc. I can't imagine trying to delicately get over a fallen log on the trail with a high-strung two-stroke engine unless I slipped the clutch a lot-- which is bad for clutches, of course. Also, like others have said, the noise and air pollution are substantially less. Another thing worth considering is how much smoother a four-stroke engine typically runs compared to a two-stroke. This affects both your riding endurance (important if you're going to do a lot of all-day riding scenarios) and, to some extent, the engine's endurance. Finally, the final convenience of a four-stroke that I wouldn't give up: No mixing oil and gas and keeping a supply on-hand in big gas jugs (older bikes) or no buying special two-stroke formulated oil to put in the oil tank (newer bikes with self-injection). You do your oil changes as recommended in the factory manual, and you can get gas and oil pretty much anywhere. Most automotive parts stores (not to mention Walmart) will carry four-stroke motorcycle oil, which is designed to be kind to a bike's "wet clutch" system, but many do NOT carry sufficient quantities of two-stroke oil for motorcycle use-- they instead carry small bottles of two-stroke oil intended for users of small two-stroke engines like chainsaws and weed trimmers.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you are asking will mixed gas hurt your 4 stroke engine, no it will not. Putting gas with oil mixed in it will not hurt it at all.

    If you are asking can you put 2 stroke oil in the engine in place of the 4 stroke oil, no you cannot. That is a foolish thing to do anyways. Your 4 stroke engine takes the same kind of oil that your car takes. That oil is cheaper than 2 stroke oil, and it is easier to find. 2 stroke oil does not have the same lubricating qualities as 4 stroke oil.

  • mark t
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    1 decade ago

    Yes! Two stroke oil does not have the lubricating qualities of motor oil and using it will lead to engine failure. If you have used it drain it out before using the engine and get some proper grade 4 stroke oil

    In that case just run regular gas in it . 2 stroke oil is made to burn so you will be fine

  • 1 decade ago

    YES! thats why its called 2stroke oil,not 4 stroke oil.

    and plus u mix 2stroke oil in with petrol.on a 2stroke bike

    4 stroke goes in the engine.

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    Some racing 4 cycles used it So it unlikely to cause short term damage Just drain it out and put the right stuff in it so you don't damage the starter -starter drive

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    YES! They are different types of engines! Thats like asking a dog to do you taxes and asking an accountant to find you in an avalanche! IT JUST DOESN'T WORK!

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    mix the oil and gas sure wil make bike foul plugs run bad use it as a motor oil most likey be rebuilding motor before you burn a tank of fuel

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