On a longboard what does changing the bushings and how can a person tell which bushings to pick for their long?

Like I'm looking into buying new bushings. But when it says something like 96A is that referring to the size of the bushing or the speed it goes like abec for berrings?

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  • Shawn
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    1 decade ago
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    The 96A is referring to the "hardness" of the bushing material. Hard bushings are harder to turn at lower speeds than soft bushings. Hard bushings can go from 100A down to about 90A. Anything below 90 will be softer.

    You need to determine how fast that you will be crusing. If you are going to go 25 mph and above, you should definately get the harder bushings and make sure that you tighten your trucks up so that you have steering control at those speeds. If you are going to go at slower speeds, than go for the softer bushings, because they will be easier to turn with. Peace!

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