LGBT: Could a Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian relationship work out?

Well first of all, I'm a vegetarian, and have been so for a year and a half now, and have no intention of ever switching back.

Anyway, I have been wondering... As vegetarians are in a minority, technically there's more chance a person you find attractive will not be a vegetarian. I have quite a big crush on this guy just now, and I'm pretty sure he's not a vegetarian as well, and that's really what got me thinking.

If two people are in a newly formed relationship, where one is vegetarian and one is not, does that affect the chances of the relationship working out? Thinking into the future, the vegetarian in the relationship would most likely not cook any meals with meat in it if they have strong beliefs. (I wouldn't even touch meat now, let alone cook it). So if that's the case, when the vegetarian cooks, it would only be non-meat meals.

If the meat eater cooks, then either:

A) They would have to cook both a meat meal for themselves and a seperate vegetarian meal for their vegetarian partner, or:

B) They would have to cook a vegetarian meal for both of them. Even if the same person cooks everyday, the meals would still have to be a vegetarian meal or two seperate meals? :S I can immagine this would not be ideal for someone who likes a lot of meat.

So yeah, that's my question. Can vegetarian and non-vegetarian relationships work out, if it was going to be a committed relationship? I'm not old enough for this yet, but I am curious, and whether me being a vegetarian would affect my future. (And like I said, I'm not going to change even if all the answers are no, I am just interested to find out).

I can immagine that couples tend to like having the same meal. So if one is veggie and the other isn't then it's not going to be ideal is it? But would the relationship work out? Or is it a near definite-no? I'm sure there are couples where one's veggie and one isn't. I'm also curious as to how they go about that?

Thanks. ;)


Thanks for your positive answers.

I was just thinking about the whole cooking meals thing. The meat eater might get fed up with the vegetarian not cooking anything with meat. Or if they are the cook themself, they would get fed up of cooking two different meals if they really wanted to have meat.

But hearing all of you say it would work is great. :) Personally, I'd rather be with another vegetarian with I'm older, but I can't really control who I develop a crush on can I? :P

Update 2:

Oops I forgot to say. I don't eat fish either. So no meat or fish whatsoever. I'm not vegan though as I eat cheese, milk, eggs, etc.

And like I said, I wouldn't want to cook a meal with meat in it or touch it, so does that affect anything other than what you've said?

Update 3:

I was thinking it might cause some arguements after a while, but I'm glad it shouldn't.

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    I'm vegetarian and have been for 19 years (since I was 11), my partner of over 2 years is not. In my case, at this point I don't mind cooking meals with meat in it....but very often cook vegetarian meals. Many times I will cook something without meat and grill up some salmon or chicken for her to go along with the rest of it. Much of the time I make completely vegetarian meals, and she happily eats whatever it is I have decided to cook up! Before our relationship she hadn't had much experience at all with vegetarianism, so I have definitely opened her eyes to a lot of different foods. Luckily she's not afraid to try new food items. Being vegetarian has not affected our relationship at all.

    I think much of it is determined by the two in the relationship. For some, this may be a bigger issue than it is to my partner and me. For others, it's a non-issue.

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    I don't see why it would not work. Most people who are non-vegetarians don't hate vegetables, so there would probably be nothing wrong with your significant other making and/or eating a vegetarian dish. And they can always order meat at restaurants, or cook a bit of meat for them and have a smaller portion of a vegetarian dish as a side. I don't know about couples necessarily liking the same meal (i.e. I cooked a nice pot of spaghetti carbonara only to find out that my boyfriend would rather eat cereal.) And if you don't want to touch meat, you could spend some nice bonding time with your significant other by cooking meals together. I personally believe it would work out fine.

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    4 years ago

    My boyfriend is a meat-eater and I am a long-time vegetarian transitioning to veganism. I cook, he eats (quite happily, I might add.) He eats predominantly vegetarian at home, though he throws a chicken breast on the grill from time to time. Mostly he just eats meat when he's out of the house. He's never complained about the arrangement, but then I was veg long before he moved in so he knew what he was getting into. I think he's a tad skeptical about the vegan thing, but I've tried out a few new recipes in the last week that he's liked a lot. If the eating veg at home and eating meat out isn't an option for your boyfriend, you'll just have to plan meals together that are easily convertable betweem veg and non-veg... like instead of pasta with meat sauce, try pasta with marinara sauce and have your boyfriend make himself meatballs to go with it. You don't necessarily have to plan completely separate meals if the meat can be prepared separately and added after you've served yourself.

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    Well I'm a vegetarian and for dinner we normally do meat and vegies but instead of the meat I'll have you know something else like a vegetable pattie or something. It's not to hard. I don't know if you eat fish or not but that could work too. Personally I think it could work although it might be difficult.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes.My uncle is in a relationship with a vegetarian.He's been in a domestic partnership with his boyfriend for 5 years,I think.

    They eat almost the same things,but his boyfriend eats soy instead of meat.But he doesn't eat meat as much as he used to just because they hate cooking and they don't want to cook to different meals all the time.:D

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    I don't see why it wouldn't. Personally, I would just use it as an excuse to eat out more often. It'll cost more in the long run, but you'll know every restaurant around town and the best places to eat. I can see why that might be a problem for someone who loves to cook, but you could use the opportunity to expand your horizons and learn creative dishes.

    Source(s): Long-time vegetarian who has never dated another vegetarian.
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    Yes, I do think that it can work. My ex and I were together for almost a year, and I'm a vegetarian and have been for the last 8 years. That being said, the man I'm with now is a vegetarian, and it makes things a HELL of a lot easier for both of us.

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    Why not? I'm mostly vegetarian because of health issues and my fiancée isn't. It works out fine. :].

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    yeh it could work dont just love someone because of what they eat [haha]...there's nothing that would stop a committed, loving relationship there =]

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    I see it working, you dont have to have the same diets to love someone.

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