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Who are your favorite "unknown" players?

I mean players that don't get a lot of credit or guys that are #2 receivers or corners or DT but don't get noticed.

Mine are

Billy Miller TE Saints - He is a much better TE than Jeremy Shockey but he is contently overshadowed. He actually gets in the end zone, makes crucial 3rd down catches, is a deep ball TE threat, and has very good leaping abilities to contend for the ball wil safeties. He and Lance Moore are Brees's fav targets on third down.

Roman Harper SS Saints - I just like his style of play. He hits very hard and is a good run stopping safety. He has horrible hands but as long as he can deflect passes I guess it's ok.

There are others but that's all I can think of right now.


Thias : I was going to put Tracy on this list but then i decided against it. He is a great CB and I to am looking foward to seeing him play. With Mike Mckenzie gone TP is now the best CB the Saitns have.

Update 2:

Cody: I left Karney out because he got traded to the Rams. You are right though he is one of the best blocking FB in the game and he and Stephen Jackson are going to explode this year.

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    I'm with you on Billy Miller for sure.

    He made plenty of tough catches last season when the Saints needed him. He was given no credit because everyone was fixated on the popularity of Jeremy Shockey who has done nothing but drop passes and nurse injuries.

    I agree Harper is a solid guy but I'm more excited to watch Saints CB Tracy Porter next season. He did an excellent job last season until he got injured. I think this gave him extra time to workout overtime because I've seen recent picks of him and he looks even more ripped than last season. I think he will have a breakout year provided he stays healthy.

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    Here are a few I think are unknown/underrated

    I don't think hes unknown, but no one ever talks about Packers WR Greg Jennings. He's a top 10 maybe even top 5 WR & yet he gets little credit. He's a humble guy and hard worker. I just love that guy.

    Kevin Faulk for the Patriots is also very valuable. He's a key 3rd down RB for them, and he makes a big impact on the offense catching the ball out of the backfield.

    Kevin Walter is one of the best #2 recievers in the NFL. Not many have heard of him because he plays alongside superstar Andre Johnson, but he has great hands, and he's a great possesion WR. He almost had 1,000 yards last season to go along with his 8 TDs.

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    Running Back Chris Warren of the Settle Seahawks.

    He went to 3 pro bowls and had 4 season of rushing more than 1k yard out of 10. That pretty good since he was draft 4 round 189th overall.

    No one reamber him since the 1996 season

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    I think Karney gets little to no credit on the saints team, he is a serious blocker and is super determined to get into the endzone every touch

    I also like Jacob Hester the FB/HB for the Chargers I think this year will be his year and he will be doing some bruising damage to anyone who isnt ready for his full speed north and south game plsy

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    Derrik Mason, averages 66 catches year has broke 1000 yard mark 7 times in 9 years, one had 950 yards, Had 100+ catches with Flacco and can catch bombs. Only two Pro Bowls, one loss and one win. And one Super Bow that was a loss. This guy could compete with Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss easily.

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    Haloti Nagta, Nose tackle, Baltimore Ravens

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    Chinedum Ndukwe

  • Brandon Jackson. Backup RB for the Packers. He played a little bit last season, and showed some terrific talent, he'd definitely be one of my favorite unknown players.

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    Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie

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    Stevie Johnson Buffalo Bills went to UK

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