Will record clear when you're 18?(TEXAS)?

ok i recently turn 18 this july and i was wondering if your record will be clear once you turn 18?

i didnt have any big crime just little one.

and i got 6 month probation for writing on wet cement.

i just applied for a job and they said they will check my record

and if it clear they will hired me.

also i live in TEXAS

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    This is a long answer to what seems to be a simple question. But it is important to understand this:

    There are different kinds of records.

    1 - The public information that the TX Department of Public Safety makes available to the public and is usually purchased by database companies like DBT (ChoicePoint) and others. This information is not always complete because it is based on voluntary reporting by the counties to the state. These are public.

    2 - The Court Information. This is your charging instrument, complaint, docket and trial records, etc. This can also be electronic. This is maintained by the County. Usually, the County Clerk if a misdemeanor and the District Clerk if a Felony. These are public records and available to anyone for inspection.

    3 - Your Computerized Criminal History. This is part of your "rap sheet" and is maintained in the crime information center. This is permanent, it never goes away, is tied to your fingerprints, and can be searched by any criminal justice agency nationwide through NCIC.

    If you're on Deferred Adjudication Probation then once you successfully complete probation, you can ask the judge to sign a "Non Disclosure Order" which orders DPS to delete your name from Number #1 above. The judge may order part of #2 sealed.

    This order allows you to answer No if a non governmental agency asks you on an application for employment if you have been arrested, charged, placed on deferred adjudication, or convicted of the offense.

    If you apply to a job that requires a license, they will know, because they have access to #3.

    If you were on juvenile probation, this information will only be in #3.

    Most companies, unless they hire a PI to do a full background check, will get their background report from a #1 source.

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    I do not know what you mean by "cleared."

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