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Why is ECW not on tonight on SciFi?

And instead its on a different channel Scyfy on Thursday? I am in the Los Angeles area and have time warner. Does anyone know whats up with that?

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    They're just debuting a new show on SciFi tonight, ECW will be on at normal time next week. This week though, it's on SciFi at 7/6 central on Thursday.

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    It's on on Thursday on SciFi at 7/6c.

    SciFi is just Debuting a New Show Tonight , and ECW got Bumped...

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    The fact ECW got bumped even though its the number 1 watched show on Sci Fi proves WWE dont care about it

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    They moved the show to thursday at 7 est. time

    it is still on scifi tho

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  • i was wondering the same thing maybe there contract with sifi expired if been hearing that it soon to be expired for a while

    EDIT: that means wwe will be going head to head with its own show wgn superstars makes very little sense lol

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