University Of Miami(Florida not ohio)?

I Want to be an OB/GYN would that be a good university?

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    To become an OBGYN, you must become a physician, which means a medical (MD) degree. And that comes AFTER a good undergraduate (bachelors) degree.

    It matters little where you get your bachelors as long as it's from a decent, reputable college or university that is accredited by an agency approved by the US Department of Education (USDE) and/or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Preferably, said agency should be one of the US's so-called "big six" "regional" accreditors.

    University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL is, indeed, "regionally" accredited. And it's a good school, just generally.

    Go there. Take as much math and science as you can (better yet, consult with an advisor and get yourself on a "pre-med" track); and get straight A's. And I mean STRAIGHT! Competition for medical school is fierce. Students, no matter where they get their undergrad, who got excellent grades during said undergrad, and then when said undergrad is unambiguously "pre-med" in nature, usually do well getting into one of the better med schools.

    Only after you've gotten fairly far though med school, and the state has tried to weed you out via an exam or two, will you even have the opportunity to express to the powers that be that you're interested in OBGYN. Up to that point, you'll be carving-up cadavers, and rotating through the ER, cardiology, pediatrics, etc., just like anyone else.

    Take it one step at a time. Plan well, but don't get ahead of yourself.

    Hope that helps.

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    U Miami is in Miami.

    Miami Univeristy is in Ohio.

    To be any type of doctor it takes 8 years unless you are in a rare program. First 4 years you to any undergrad school and take BCPM classes (Biology, Chem, Physics, Math, usually Calc). Then take the MCATs in Junior year then apply to Med School. Med schools are extremely hard to get into, only 40% of applicants get in.

    To answer your question, UMiami is considered a good undergrad and pre-med school, top 50 Universities in the country. As a med school UMiami is also considered average, but any medical school will get you an MD and 95% of students entering Med School get their MD.

  • 4 years ago

    haha. As you will locate, OU people get great salty while this kind of question is posed. I went to Miami. i did no longer pop my collar. I wasn't in a frat. i do no longer save at J team. i've got not got a BMW. i'm no longer a pretentious *** hollow. maximum of those arguments are regurgitated statements that they've heard for years without incredibly ever experiencing what Miami is like for themselves. the clarification that Miami people have much less responses on your question is by using the fact they do no longer likely provide a **** regarding the entire OU/Miami opposition. OU people will say that's us being uptight, wealthy, entitled dickheads, yet they are incorrect. this is basically that Miami people love Miami and don't experience the ought to pass on the offensive to hate on yet another college. Many Miami people will say that OU is purely jealous. on a similar time as some would have confidence that, maximum say this to get an advance out of OU scholars/grads. Are there douchebags at Miami? definite. Are there douchebags at OU? definite. the point of hate is incredibly strange, and it comes for the time of as lack of self assurance. in factor of actuality that I easily have spent particularly some time at OU, and that i've got had some stable cases there. i do no longer hate OU, and in case you chosen to pass there i does not say you would be making a mistake. once you pass to college the nice and comfortable button is to locate a team of friends which you're happy to pass at the same time with. i substitute into in a position to do this at Miami very incredibly, and had the superb 4 years of my lifestyles there. easily, you're in no way going to get an un biased answer to this question. My concepts are the Miami is a greater suited college (rankings could additionally advise that). The partying is on par with OU (that's less complicated to have a stable time once you easily pass to the college). Miami's campus is greater suited finding(my opinion). activities at the two faculties are incredibly on par once you look traditionally, different than Miami's hockey team is usually a countrywide participant, and that's the sport which maximum scholars care approximately. i could p.c.. Miami all day, familiar, off digital camera, each way. Queue the OU haters.

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