Would you boycott your team to force a change of ownership?

The Warriors have one of the worst owners in professional sports. His name is Chris Cohan, and he along with his lackey/lap-dog, team president Robert Rowell have destroyed the Warriors franchise with their ineptitude. There are rumors he is trying to sell the team because he is having financial difficulties. It has been rumored in the past that Larry Ellison (Oracle CEO and 4th richest man in the world) has been interested in buying the team, but was denied by Cohan.

I think W's are loyal to a fault. We continue to support the team and fill Cohan's pockets despite the fact they provide us an inferior product year after year. We finally had a good team, and they tore it apart. They run this high octane offense because they know it's entertaining and will put fans in the seats. But, a championship is never even a possibililty.

So, my question is would you boycott your favorite team if it forced owenership to sell the team? I mean I would still watch the games on TV and wear the gear I already own, but I'm thinking about staying away from the arena until there is a change of ownership. Is that being a bad fan or would you do the same?

Update 2:

Lil John: The owner sets the culture for the entire organization. He is decides if they will spend the money it takes to put a team on the floor. He appoints the people making the big decisions. He even is involved in personnel and coaching decisions. Look at guys like Cuban and Buss. Those guys want to win at any cost.

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    The fact that you are considering not supporting your team in order to save its future shows that you are a dedicated fan - so dedicated that you will do anything (including boycotting your team) to force ownership to sell the team. That to me, is a true fan.

    For myself, if the Raps flop again this season, I intend on making a petition (I am frigging serious) that says to fire Bryan Colangelo (I am not too confident in his decision to sign the Turk for such a huge contract; now we will prolly have a crappy bench cause we wasted our money on him...). I will post it online and make hard copies and send it to management.

    I am tired of his bullcrap decisions...so I understand if you do decide to boycott the franchise. I think the Warriors did have a decent team at one point and it is very unfortunate to hear that your management is unaware of the needs of the team and what it will take to be successful. I hope they get better; the fans do deserve better for being supportive of the franchise through the good and bad.

  • I would do it in a heartbeat. I know that many of you guys on y/a have been saying that the owners have been screwing up the team for some time now, so it sounds like a good idea; especially since he is having financial problems.

    That doesn't make you a bad fan at all. Owning a team, creating an atmosphere where players are allowed to blossom and win, is what should be happening. When an owner promotes entertainment over winning [winning games is the goal right?] that shows that they have their own interests at heart. It seems like this guy just wants money, and if he had two brain cells he would know that Titles=Money in the long run. He should be helping this team succeed, not filling his pockets by sacrificing the entire organization.

    Lets hope that many decide to do what you're planning on doing. That way you guys can get a better owner and work on making the Warriors an elite team. It would be great to see them do well. Good luck.

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    Personally I couldn't do it Corey. I still supported and was rabid over the Celtics in all the lean years between championships. I can't see punishing the TEAM for the fault of the OWNERSHIP/MANAGEMENT, which was the same problem that the Celtics faced for a long time. Aside from the misfortunes of Reggie Lewis and Len Bias, I belive all of those bad years were defienetly a product of the ownership and management.

    DO what you can do as a fan of the team to show support, but also do what you can do as a fan of the team to show disgust to the management and ownership. Write letters to the editors, email the team, president, GM, owners, hell everybody. Organise a Warrior's disgust rally or something.

    I think you may have to take into account the fact that alot of owners of pro sports teams don't care if their team wins or loses. It's a buisness investment ( and in many cases a huge write off for gazillionairs) and nothing more.And to the peons that are dumb enough to actually care about if the team wins or loses, they couldn't care any less.

    Also take into account that you never know what could happen....if he does decide to sell it could be a great thing or it could get even worse. Sometimes, even in the goofy world of pro sports, very strange things happen to cause turnarounds. ( If you know the back story of why Wyc Grousebeck moved to Mass because of his blind daughter and ended up buying the Celtics, which essentially got them a championship)

    Keep the faith, Corey, but don't punish your team along the way. I personally know how agonizing it is to go to game after game after game knowing that your team is going to lose. But a true fan keeps going and supporting the team, even if the management/ownership/coaching sucks.


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    I would probably go a little further and start a petition. I mean I'm sure someone has already done it, I would just join and try to spread the word.

    One voice... no matter how smart that voice is... won't be heard. I don't know of any team owner that's been outed by the fans, but I know that George Shinn of the Hornets was run out of town when the organization was located in Charlotte... problem was he took the team with him.


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    trust me Corey, it could be a lot worse if you were a Clipper fan. Donald Sterling is THE EPITOMY of a "Scrooge" or a Cheapskate. He allowed guys like Elton Brand and Corey Maggette slip away because he was too much of a Tightwad to pay them accordingly.

    But at the same token, he overpays for a declining Baron Davis. *shaking my head*.

    Anyways, to answer your question, yes I would boycott the team to a certain extent. I would refrain from buying team merchandise/apparell, and definetly not buy an Tickets. However I would still watch them on TV from time to time. When a Owner does a inadequate job, he needs to be aware that the FANS are the ones keeping the franchise running.

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    to be honest yes. as said in Fever Pitch. the guy sais he likes the red sox soo much not because they win but because they are the only consistent thing in his life. even when they suck every spring they put a team out on the field and they play. theres not too many other things in our lives as consistent as that.

    i feel the same way about the lakers, when Buss and Mitch traded away Shaq and the lakeshow had Smush Parker and Kwame Brown running around things seemed pretty bad. but every game i was watching them, miserable and all.

    hell if you ask me its easy to go to an nba game i dont care how bad your team is. an nba game allows you to see teh greatest athletes in the world.

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    Haha. Maybe the Bengals fans in football should unite to get rid of Mike Brown. Maybe you should do that. There's always room for you on the Cavs bandwagon until the Warriors change.

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    Personally, I would do the same, I would watch their games, root for them and wear their jerseys, but I wouldn't go to their games until there is a change of ownership.

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    I wouldn't the owner doesn't really decide if your team is good or bad that's the players job

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    the team i would boycott to see an ownership change is the oakland raiders

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