You people who are still fooled into believing in Human Caused Climate change...? that every point made by Al Gore in his silly Global Warming movie has been proven wrong... and the Planet has cooled during the past 10 years... why are you still believing this nonsense?

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    They gotta believe in something, and the Church of Global Warming with Saint Algore meet that need... "Belief without science is religion"... Since there is NO PROOF that MGW is a crisis, their belief is by definition a religion...

    Guess God and the real church just isn't "relevant" to them...

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    There is a very simple experiment that they teach 4th graders that anyone can do:

    get three infrared lights and three thermometers and three empty large soda bottles and an oxygen tank and a CO2 tank with extension tubes thin enough to fit into a bottle and long enough to reach the bottom

    close one bottle with just atmospheric gases

    fill one bottle with predominately oxygen (it doesn't have to be 100%, just hold it upside down and seal quickly after filling

    do the same with a bottle for CO2

    hang the three thermometers on a wall and focus the infrared lights on them, place the bottles in between the lights and the thermometers

    the lights represent the surface of a planet giving off infrared rays after moderate heating, the bottles represent atmosphere, and the thermometers will record the energy that passes through said atmospheres

    the oxygen bottle will let the most energy escape and correspondingly, it's thermometer will have the highest temperature

    the co2 bottle will let the least amount of energy escape and correspondingly, it's thermometer will have the lowest temperature

    the regular atmosphere bottle will be in the middle

    Scientists run experiments over and over again until they come up with a radiative forcing equation that can give you the amount of retained heat in a system based on the given energy and composition of that system. These equations are about as concrete as science can get. More co2 means more heat is retained by the atmosphere and planetary body.

    What is still up for debate are the composition and energy estimates which, even in the lower bounds, equal a loss of 4 1/2 miles of American coast line and a serious climate shift for the American southeast through to Texas by 2100. The permanent relocation of all ports, a large population, and agricultural production (to the north) would certainly be possible but the costs would be obscene (Think of hurricane Katrina X100 and permanent) and thats just America, the world, if you care, would be much worse off.

    I would love to seriously debate the composition and energy estimates. If it helps, I think everyone on both sides who try to squash debates should kindly sit in a corner while the adults discuss things (that includes "it's teh libral media" types and Al "the time for debate is over" Gore.)

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    I believe my own eyes. Don't tell me to believe in global warming when it's too cold to bike with a tee shirt and shorts in July. Don't change it to "climate change" either.

    Yes, it has cooled in the last 10 years. It is not as warm as it was, ergo it has cooled.

    As for the continued melting ice and rising sea level, those have been occurring for 20,000 years since the end of the last Ice Age. That just means that it's still warm enough for the ice to melt. If I leave a block of ice on the sidewalk today, when it is 65 degrees out, it will melt. Tonight when it is 55 degrees out, it will continue to melt, I assure you. That does not mean that it will be warmer tonight than today.

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    Because I know the science. Gore did a good job talking to scientists and checking that he was correct (albeit dramatic).

    No, the planet hasn't cooled. Every year this century is hotter than every year in the 20th, except for 1998. The people who said that selected 2 points from the global temperature curve, 1998 and 2008, to prove their point. Real scientists do not pick 2 points off a jagged curve and ignore the overall trend.

    Look at the curve for yourself to see what I mean. Come on, it won't hurt your eyes.

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    Amys4x4 - real Americans do drive hybrids. I'm an army combat vet (field artillery gun chief) that proudly drives a hybrid. You can take your 4x4 and shove it up your a$$. I got tired of fighting for ******* like you. You're nothing compared to a real American. Real Americans aren't self-serving morons.

    prancinglion - I guess being a vet doesn't make one intelligent. I believe it, because scientists do.

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    Ah, stop wasting our time. Now, if you had linked to that article that notes that 60% of all temperature date-gathering sites are placed within influencing distance to a heat-gathering source.... now that was more interesting. Just because Al Gore's a 250-lb *** in a suit has no bearing on the fact that his views have enough merit to be worthy of continued investigation.

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    "now that every point made by Al Gore in his silly Global Warming movie has been proven wrong."

    Link? Sounds like you're referencing the Dimmock. It'd be ironic if you were, considering the judge in the case ruled that while there were 8 statements that were not yet proven, the overarching theme of the documentary (global warming) was a virtual fact.

    "the Planet has cooled during the past 10 years..."

    Not true.

    And 8 of the hottest ten years on record occurred this past decade.

    Obviously you didn't put much research into your post.

    97.4% of climate scientists believe in AGW

    Every scientific organization affirms AGW. Brief list:

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    Ok I just want to stop all this commotion about global warming. There is no such thing as global warming. Every 10 years the planet heats up, then cools down. And people are freaking out saying the ice caps are gonna melt and were all going to die. Well, were not going to die, it is up to God when we are going to die and when earth will fade away and when the rapture will happen, God didn't create global warming, ok people it doesnt say in the Bible that we are gonna pollute the earth and melt the ice caps and die.

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    1) The vast majority of Gore's film was accurate and has not been proven wrong.

    2) Over 97% of climate scientists are apparently also "fooled".

    3) The planet has not cooled over the past 10 years.

    4) Because I've researched and understand the fundamental science.

    Can you provide one valid scientific reason why it's "nonsense", and why you know more about climate science than climate scientists? Didn't think so.

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    I believe that Repub 4 Life has concisely summarized the scientific background of those unable to comprehend global warming. Unfortunately Repub 4 Life also represents the scientific thinking of much of the GOP. I just wish that people who believe that god controls everything would just stay out of politics and away from schools. After all, they don't think anything we do matters anyhow, so they should just stay in church and pray for everlasting life.

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    You are in denial. Face the truth or get an education.

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