Can pregnancy prevent automatic promotion in the army from PFC to SPC?

I am supposed to be promoted to Specialist in the army is August. But my command circled NO on the AAA-117 which dictates automatic and waivered promotions. The only thing that can be stopping me is my pregnancy, I have never been in trouble and I am not flagged. Is there anything I can do on my part, because i cant think of anything that would stop me other than my pregnancy. Please only answer if you know what you are talking about.


Excuse me tyler, I plan on serving 20 years in the military and you expect me to put off everything in my life...Only answer if you have a real answer to my question you self centered ahole

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    Are you eligible for automatic promotion or are you eligible for a waiver? If you are fully eligible, then you should have had a counseling statement because it is, like it says, automatic. Most commands don't deny fully eligible PFCs to SPCs unless they did some wrong and are flagged or just a screw up and needs time to mature. If it is just a waiver, each BN is only authorized so many waivers. If A Co has 2 waivers and 3 PFCs, the two that have been in longer will get the waiver, granted that they are all good Soldiers. Sometimes units have waivers but no Soldiers of that rank, then the waivers go to the BN as a whole and given to that 3rd PFC that did not get it from the company. Now, if you are fully eligible for promotion, did not get a counseling statement explaining the reason, and you feel that it is because of your pregnancy, you need to talk to your NCO. If you are uncomfortable with that and do not want to talk to any other NCO, you can talk to your unit's EO Officer/NCO.

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    No, pregnancy cannot stop you from receiving an automatic promotion in the lower enlisted ranks. If it is time for your promotion, and they circled 'no', they HAVE to provide documentation with the 117 when they turn it in. This includes a copy of any flag paperwork (if applicable) and the counseling form. (if you are not receiving an automatic promotion, you are supposed to be counseled as to the reason).

    Why don't you just ask them about it?

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    Well if your going to stay in for twenty years, this is a lovely lesson that you should only give copies to the training room, yourself and or your squad leader should keep the copies, of course even with that they can tell you that you will have to take an alternate profile APFT since your old one is out of date anyway(which isn't true, but expect them to say that if they don't want to help you). Remember there will always be a negative stereotype to profile soldiers whatever the circumstances. Then again you could always do what most soldiers do when the training room "loses" paperwork, just forge it, if your NCO is willing to say that they were there, all you need is your platoon leader to sign it too, I think it needs and NCO and an officer's signature, it's happened before and it will happen again so don't feel bad if that's what you have to do.

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    Why don't you ask your chain of command. If you are not getting an promoted you should have recieved a counseling statement telling you why.

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    To me it would depend on you statues, a single..NO-WAY... Married.. I would have it wavered.

    But since i was not in Co-ed units(Thank Go)I did not not have to be confronted with that issue.

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    You get pregnant in the army and expect to get promoted?

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