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Why did America support the Genocide of East Timor by supporting Indonesian Muslims?

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    Because Suharto let the U.S. operate sweatshops in Indonesia, so the U.S. helped him carry out his slaughter of the Timorese. The U.S. has a long history of supporting genocide and terrorism if it aligns with their imperialistic goals. It's the same reason the U.S. continues to support Israel's war crimes today. Human rights just aren't very important to power holders. Of course the right-wing refuses to report on any of this because they want to keep the truth away from the American people who would never tolerate it if the truth was known.

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    No one gives a rat's a'ss about East Timor. Indonesia is an important trading partner and our ally.

    Yahole, what have you done to change this perceived miscarriage of justice? That's what I thought. Sit back down on your comfy chair, and sip your lemonade.

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    The terrorists of East Timor were bombing Indonesia.

    The terrorists of East Timor were stupid for attacking Indonesia.

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    Bigger body count.

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    jew media....they've got people's minds messed up.

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