im a single father of two boys, ages 8 & 10. what can i do in my free time to keep them from being bored.?

I have had full custody of them since they were 2 & 4... I work A LOT, and generally don't have much free time.. what free time i do have, i spend cooking, cleaning, doing yard work, helping with homework during the school year, and well I'm sure you get the point. I want to find something CHEAP and easy i can do with my boys to keep them from being bored all the time. We have tried bowling on Sundays, but it is really expensive. we all love to fish, but i don't have a boat, and fishing from the shores on the lakes and rivers around here, is crowded and you can't catch much. i love to hunt, but hunting season isn't very long, and i have tried taking them before and they get bored sitting still.. and being quiet in the woods, lol not happening... i bought them a basketball and goal set. we play a game of horse every once in a while, but they really aren't into it too much.. I need some Ideas here please.... thanks a lot. .

oh i live in the country, not very many "close neighbors" and none with kids their ages..


im looking for something that we can do on a regular basis. maybe a few hours a day or something like that

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    Buy them an xbox 360 and hook them up with xbox live then they can play and talk with kids their age

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    At that age, probably the thing they'll like best is just you being with them.. You sound like you're doing a really good job, so don't stress too much!

    Some suggestions of cheap/free things:

    Bike rides - involve them in planning a route, getting a picnic ready, getting the bikes ready, and then head off at the weekend. The 8 year old probably can't go too far, but even a local park would be good.

    Camping - even if it's under the dining room table. Get some old bedsheets and see what you can all come up with by way of a tent or den.

    Get a football and kick it around with them.

    Kids can do awesome things with a pile of sticks - building dens, making forts etc. Give them some raw materials and let them tear away - be around once they're done to say how great it is!

    Helping out around the house - gardening can be made into good fun, as can washing the dishes or cooking if you do it together. Maybe give them each a patch of garden to take care of, involve them in planning meals and let them help with the shopping and cooking. I know of one person who gave their kids a fiver or something and sent them into Tesco to get stuff to make dinner. The kids had to come up with a menu, and figure out what they'd need, and keep within budget. Then they all cooked the (slightly odd) meal together!

    I'd suggest giving them some time to be 'bored' as well - it will make them use their imaginations to create games. Constantly entertaining them won't stand them in good stead for when they grow up.

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    My dad always told me: "if you're bored perhaps you are a boring person."

    While I sort of thought that was a very blunt thing to say, now that I am older, I see that it makes a lot of sense.

    You can exercise together, read and tell them stories from the past. Kids love that. Sometimes my 12 year old and I throw ball back and forth, or play guitar hero or some other fun game. Wii sports, or BF2 online. In the summer time going to the drive-in is always fun. Kids like to cook and bake and this is cheap and you get to eat what you make.

    I check with my local county parks and recreation guide for cool outdoorsy type stuff like a story-time bonfire for family or free guided tours. You can find an entire summer worth of free and cool stuff to do. I live in st. louis and just about every place has a free day or time to get in without having to spend $30 for tickets.

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    What about getting them involved in sports, you could coach or assist the coach. Soccer is always a good sport for kids and with practice and games there isn't a lot of free time. I'm sure other sports are the same way but my boys played soccer, even went to college on a soccer scholarship.

    Good for you for being so active in their lives! You'll never regret it and they'll be gone before you know it. Good luck.

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    Sorry, the clause you are quoting is to get the children emergency medical attention. Do you know if your ex-husband is willing to give up custody? if not, you will need to document or have your boys document their living conditions. Then, you will need to contact a lawyer to seek a modification to the custody. If you just act, you will be in violation of the custody orders, and you will have a harder time getting the boys away from your ex-husband. God bless.

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    Well, you could rent a cabin for a week. Maybe one on a lake for fishing. There not alot of money, maybe 60$ a night?

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    try soccer, swimming, making things like a tree house for them

    or they could help you with cooking meals. my younger brother whos 8 likes making cookies and cakes as long as he gets to eat the last one and eat all the icing after lol

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    my dad allways took us camping for a week or 2

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    try building stuff from wood. make things like birdhouses (things that are practical as well).

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