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is "democracy" in Iran as important for USA government as in other countries?

"Why are we so taken by Iran’s election dispute when the rest of the Middle East stages rigged polls, year after year, without a hint of international protest?

Why does no one complain about Tunisia, where Zine al Abidine Ben Ali won 94.5 per cent of the vote in 2004; Egypt, where Hosni Mubarak scored 88 per cent the following year; and Algeria, where Abdelaziz Bouteflika achieved more than 90 per cent this year?"

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1. I should mention that I myself have serious doubts about the election results in Iran and pursue the matter. I voted against the current president of Iran; but other than the debates going on in Iran, I also find it interesting that why USA does that much about Iran. US government certainly knows that supporting any politician in Iran is equal to labeling him/her as "US agent". is it such a big request if Iranians willing to have change in their country ask US government to stay hell out of this and stop "spreading democracy" in Iran? the can pay attention and "help" other countries in this while. your understanding is highly appreciated dear Mr. Obama.

2. also I should mention that all the above is about US government not the nation and good American friends who supported Iranians' democratic movements as well other nationalities. I hope the difference is clear.


gcbtrading: who is the sheep here? did you even read what I have wrote? I'm against the current guy and have doubts about the results; it's something different. those who think their army is "spreading democracy" are sheep my friend.

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    Tunisia is of less interest.

    "Hosni Mubarak scored 88 per cent the following year,"

    There were criticisms by some outside the US government, and at least it's not as lopsided as the others.

    "and Algeria, where Abdelaziz Bouteflika achieved more than 90 per cent this year?"

    Who have been fighting an Islamic insurgency.

    Iran has oil.

    Iran has more people than the others--perhaps a combination of two of the others.

    Iran is strategically positioned in regards to Russia and Afghanistan.

    Iran is going nuclear--likely peaceful, possibly weapons.

    Iran is more disproportionate in its influences on Persians and Shiites than the others are vis-a-vis Arabs and Sunnis.

    and yes, there are the memories, that stoke the fires of many an american neo-con.

    Kinda makes you wonder if the 2 countries--US (unofficially) and Iran--need each other for reform.


    I hear that the rumblings are inspiring some Arabs.

    Source(s): . Me, one who readily admits his (relative--maybe not so relative) ignorance on the subject. :-D
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    I think democracy in Iran is important to both the U.S. & Iran - but more so in Iran.

    The Iranian people need and deserve more freedoms than what they've had. For 30 years, the Iranians have had their freedoms and their country limited/restricted by some those in charge. You can't dance in the streets, because it's against the law. You can't convert to another religion if you're Muslim, because it's against the law. Women have to cover their hair with hejabs, because if they don't - it's against the law...These are *simple*, *basic* rights that these people should have - but don't! I think the Iranians need to free themselves from these and other repressions - so that their country and their people can progress!

    I also think that Iran is getting more attention on the international front - like someone else here mentioned - due to certain issues that have been present there. (The "nuclear issue" has been a *HUGE* spotlight and attention-grabber obviously - but I also think that what "Ahmedi" has said has also raised a number of eyebrows!)

    I, personally, would *LOVE* to see positive and successful relations for our two countries! (After all, it's a been a loooong 30 years since we've officially been friends!) And honestly - I personally could not care about the oil! (We all need to move away from oil, I think - and become more eco-friendly/fuel efficient/alternative fuel for the sake of our earth/environment...Besides, oil usually causes too many problems anyways - why do we all need to keep fighting wars in the name of oil?!...It just does not make any sense!)

    I know that this is ultimately going to have to be a battle that the Iranian people will have to fight and win - but I feel horrible and sickened by the fact that the common civilian is not even allowed to carry anything to defend themselves with, especially when they come under the attack of the Revolutionary Guard and/or basij!!! (I have seen far too many videos of the police/basij beating innocent civilians - women and the elderly - for absolutely no reason whatsoever! Obviously, there is a serious misuse/abuse of power! I feel so bad for these poor people - they don't deserve to beaten like that! They are not dogs - they are human beings and deserve to be treated as such!)

    I wish there is something America could do to help the people of Iran! All we can do is support you, though - which, a lot of us have already been doing!

    Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! May Mousavi and the Iranian people triumph! America supports the Iranian people and their rights to freedoms!

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    I understand your frustration with the elections in Iran. But, didn't the polls indicate a big win for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? I still have no clear view of what is really going on in Iran today. At this point in time it's not good to trust the news too much.

    I certainly wouldn't look to the USA for democracy in Iran. They killed the democratic movement in 1953 along with the UK. They imposed the Shah of Iran who had been in exile in much the same manner as they imposed Saddam upon Iraq who was also brought back from exile and was a CIA asset.

    So, I believe it best for all that the US kept out of Iranian affairs. Remember that President Reagan in the 1980's created the invasion of Iran by Iraq and trained, armed, gave spy satellite data to Saddam and, quite likely, supplied the poison gas and delivery systems to Saddam that killed 3,000 Iranian soldiers defending Iran on Iranian soil. So, please, don't look to the US for democracy. They've yet to set up a real democracy in their homeland and have destroyed many abroad.

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    Simple answer:

    because the same guys who plotted the scenario of Mulla Omar, trained Taliban and helped Bin Laden to rise in Afghanistan, helped Saddam Hussein's military government in Iraq by any means, and helped Parviz Musharraf to have a coup in Pakistan, and then captured all those countries in order to "restore" democracy, are behind the rigged election of Iran, so that they can capture Iran too (to have reconstruction contracts for what they destroy during the same fight-for-democracy comedy act as they played in Afghanistan and Iraq).

    Ahmadinejad is just another poor US puppet, and his expiry date will come very soon, most probably sooner than all those US puppets mentioned above!

    Source(s): I sometimes wonder!
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    You've missed the whole point of the government of USA.

    They want the oil, so whatever solution gives them the most oil, is the one they will support.

    In the end, why should the American government and all other countries look out for anyone else but their own country?

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    No-one complains about the countries you refer to because they don't have as much oil as Iran. And they keep there mouths zipped unlike Iran's current President.

    If you ask me he seems bit nuts.

    It does seem very odd that he would win again.

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    Iran and it's current regime is a serious threat to world security. Certainly we must prioritize

    You are clearly buyingi nto the Iran gvoernment propaganda that the US is behind the protests. It is the Iranian people. Don't be a sheep

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    Freedom is universal FREE IRAN LONG LIVE MOUSAVI!!!!

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