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Good summer books for a 14 year old?? :)?

Hey, I'm going on holiday soon and i'm in need of a few books to read while by the pool and stuff. I will be 14 in August but quite enjoy reading books for say 15ish.

I like comedy, romance and mystery. I dont like horror or vampires or anything like that, so please dont say the twilight series coz ive read them and i really didnt enjoy it.




Thanks for all answers so far. :)

I've read someone like you by Sarah Dessen, I really enjoyed that.

And no, I dont like science fiction, sorry!

And no, I dont want to read poems!

And, dont be stupid, just because you liked the twilight series doesn't mean I have to. So dont cry. :|

Thanks :) x

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    since u like sarah dessens 'someone like u' i think u'd love this, this is my fav book by her

    This Lullaby- Sarah Dessen (best sarah dessen book)

    Dexter is convinced that Remy and him are made for each other, but she hates him. Soon she goes out with him for a summer romance but will dump him when she leaves for college, but then he grows on her...

    here is the best romance mystery, the author is great!

    Being- Kevin Brooks

    Robert wakes up in the middle of an operation and finds something in his stomach that shouldn't be there. He escapes from the hospital and leaves for Spain with a beautiful girl called Eddie. He doesn't know what he is, is he human? Yet he's pretty sure he doesn't want to find out, but with people after him he's stuck at crossroads.

    i think u'd like this by him too (i've read candy and road of the dead, u'd like em too)

    Lucas- Kevin Brooks

    Caitlin is drawn to outsider Lucas, who is hated by those on the island, they dont like outcomers. Soon Caitlin and Lucas begin to like each other but when the islanders come to find out things go downhill

    this is a romance comedy

    Two-Way-Street- Lauren Barnholdt

    A 3 day trip with her ex? Danger Ahead

    Why does Jordan break up with courtney when he really cares for her? Told in 2 different points of view.

    and i like this too

    The Diary of a Crush (three book series)

    Edi begins the diary as she starts school, and immediately falls for Dylan, his looks... Shona, Dylans best friend, warns Edi that he's a player. But when it comes to Dylan and Edi, is he a player?

    hope i helped ;)


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    The Private series by Kate Brian has a lot of mystery, romance, scandal, and more. It's about a girl who goes to a private school on scholarship and she has to deal with fitting in, and all that jazz. But then when the hottest guy in the school is suddenly interested in her, she falls for him. She becomes liked. Then, suddenly, he goes missing. Throughout the series, you figure out in your mind who the murderers are, who did this, and etc. I loved them.

    Some funny books are the Airhead series by Meg Cabot, where a girls brain get's put into a super model's body. It is really humorous and entertaining.

    Anything by sarah Dessen is good. They take a little longer to read, and don't have something really intriguing about them like a lot of fiction these days. They are, however, much more realistic than most novels out there. They are very well written.

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    Hey. Carol Matas writes a bunch of books that deal with people who lived through WWII, they're all really, really good. Especially Daniel's Story. The Truth About Forever, This Lullaby and Just Listen by Sara Dessen are all really moving books. This Lullaby is a really inspirational book. Very beautiful. The Empress of the World is a really good book by Sara Ryan. It does deal with two girls who struggle to deal with their sexuality, so it just depends what your limits are. There's one in adult fiction that would be good even for a 14 year old and that's Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I'm not usually one for male main characters, or a plot that revolves around circus life, but it was a really happy, and just a generally good book all around. Megan McCafferty has Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds and Fourth Comings.. And I haven't met a teenaged girl who's hated those books. The main character Jessica Darling is hilarious, and you feel like you can really connect with her.. Annnnnd!! Hah, (I love books, can you tell?), Scott Westerfeld's trilogy Uglies, Pretties and Specials are some of the best sci-fi teen books I've read. Also, if you're into sci-fi/political/social commentary novels, Wyndham's The Chrysalids is amazing.

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    To Kill A Mockingbird-Mystery

    Lord of the Flies-Mystery/ Adventure

    The Great Gastby-Romance/Mystery

    The Glass Managerie-Romance

    Romeo & Juliet-Romance

    The Catcher in the Rye

    I hope you enjoy reading ;)

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    I suggest reading books from the author Sarah Dessen. I've enjoyed reading them and I'm a little older than you. Enjoy ;]

    Source(s): I've read them.
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    A really good book that I read that would be great for summer is "Sleepaway Girls" by Jen Calonita. Its about a girl who becomes a junior counselor at a sleepover camp all summer, she leaves her best friend but makes a new group of friends, she also finds romance with a fellow counselor. Its a really great story, its funny and has a bit of romance.

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    I know the perfect book for you, it combines comedy, romance and mystery! It's called Looking for Alaska (First friend, first girl, last works). I read it first last summer when I was just 15, and though it's a light read, it really moved me.

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  • You should try::

    The It Girl Series by Cecily von Ziegesar

    The Private Series by Kate Brian

    Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

    I enjoyed all these books!

    Hope this helped. :]]

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    Do you like Science Fiction?

    The Golden Compass (Northern Lights)

    The subtle knife

    The amber spygalss

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    You might like something by Kevin Brooks,

    Kissing the Rain



    Martyn Pig

    are all excellent books :)

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