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Is it good to get sick every now and then to make ur immune system strong?

Cause I would think that if one never was exsposed to infections than when one actually does get sick it could cause more problems

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    Being exposed to certain infections is good for you - like chicken pox at a young age.

    Another thing, is never go to the doctor for little coughs and sniffles. My mom wouldn't take us to the doctor unless we were dying, and not because we're cheap. If we had the cold or something, she'd take care of us at home, because if your always being given medication for little things, your body grows immunities to it. Like my ex would always go to the doctor for little things, and had to take like 3 different strong medications just for a sinus infection, because his body was immune to everything else.

    Also I think it makes you healthier to allow your body to naturally fight off certain things.

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