How to prove a mother unfit in Kentucky?

My nephew is three and he is a brother to 3 older brothers one older sister and soon to be another child on the way, his mom is only 25 married but living with another man, the one she is pregnant by, there is proof of her trying to kill the baby she is pregnant with doing drugs, having the kids in one place every other day. I really need help thanks.


Ive also been to the social services in the town she lives in, but it does no good they called to let her know they were coming giving her time to get her act together. I was actually looking for some kind of list or something to show the ways to prove a mother unfit here in kentucky.

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    Well that could be considered child endangerment. and is a serious thing, here is a breif bit about child endangerment.

    -+-Child endangerment is a criminal offense that involves the subjection of minor children to inappropriate or dangerous situations. It is not the same as child abuse, which involves direct harm to children, but carries a similar penalty in the American judicial system.-+-

    Read more into it, see if whats happening with this person could fall under any of the listed things for child endangerment.

    Here is a website you can use with good information. -in pdf form-

    Best Wishes, Hope This Helped!

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    Contact Protective Services in the County she lives in. You can do this anonymously, or state who you are and what you know about the situation, either way that will begin an investigation, or should. You can also ask for follow up from PS, so it doesn't fall between the cracks. Good Luck.

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    the place is the daddy? what approximately different kin? you may instruct she is undeserving by potential of the accepted practitioner appointments. in case you pass to newborn amenities, they ought to check out. they are going to save you nameless. You perhaps disillusioned once you don't get custody. they are going to seek for the daddy or a relative earlier you. in case you haven't any longer any journey in elevating babies, they are going to placed them in foster care. you may ought to have a heart to heart talk together with her. tell her you difficulty regarding the youngsters wellbeing and wellbeing. tell her you're there for her and the youngsters and which you felt that the youngsters are no longer being dealt with like they ought to. If she gets disillusioned with you, tell her if she shuts you out and wont enable you notice the youngsters which you may choose to report her. she does not choose that to ensue. If she is in no way around the youngsters, grant to take the youngsters for awhile till she is in a position to be their mom.

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