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Question for KINGS fans ?

whats the starting line up for KINGS next season and are they going to have better season then last one, now with new coach and Tyreke Evans?

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    2009-2010 Starting Lineup

    F- Spencer Hawes

    SG- Kevin Martin

    PG- Beno Udrih

    PF- Jason Thompson

    G- Tyreke Evens

    Well with Paul Westphal we have a coach who has a NBA coaching record of 267-159 which is a .627 winning percentage. Also he did lead the 92'-93' phoenix suns to a franchise record 62 wins and to the NBA finals (but they lost in the finals).

    With Tyreke Evens we have a 17.1 PPG and 71.1% FT player who gives the Kings a better offensive production. Although he does need help in the defensive end.

    The Kings will have a better season than the last one but we will probably only get an increase of 10-15 more wins.

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    I live in Sacramento and yes, I'm one of the few Kings fans left in Yahoo! I think the starting lineup will be like

    PG Beno Udrih

    SG Kevin Martin

    SF Andres Nocioni

    PF Jason Thompson

    C Spencer Hawes

    6th: Francisco Garcia

    I think Paul Westphal will help the Kings get a better record but only like 5-15 more wins or so. Beno Udrih will still start unless he really struggles or Tyreke Evans plays brilliant on the bench.

    I like Evans and I think he will have a solid rookie season if he starts a lot of games and the Hawes-Thompson duo has a lot of potential. But if Kevin Martin can lower his injuries and improve his scoring, the Kings won't be the the worst team this season or the West or maybe not the worst team in the Pacific.

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    there aren't many Kings fans on Yahoo Answers so you wont get alot of response from their fanbase.

    but the starters are

    G Tyreke Evans

    G Kevin Martin

    F Andres Nocioni

    F Jason Thompson

    C Spencer Hawes

    I dont think much better Im sorry. Id have to say right now they would be the 2nd worst team in the NBA to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    Anything is better than what they did last year but they wont win much better and I think they only win 15 games this year

    Im a Bulls fan

    and you might not have even 1 Kings fan answer this question

    Ive only seen 3 Kings fans on Y!A

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    The KIngs bandwagon fell apart a few years ago. There are no Kings fans left.

    (sounds of many crickets)

    They are out panning for gold at Sutters creek.

    Edit: Lol. ONe of the "answers" is an advertisement. Not looking good here.

    PS I have been to Kings games. Sac is a nice town. Especially downtown. Nice place. Good folks.

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    i hate the kings. i only like kmart and jason thompson

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