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Why can't North Korea have nuclear weapons?

Well, USA has them and its a worse threat than NK since USA is in war with what? 3, 4 countries? Plus USA is the only country to use mass-killing weapons. Israel has them too, few countried do to. But Iran and North Korea cant? If you're gonna say defence, all countries want defence.


The thing is America is one of those blood thirsty psychos. Take a look around, Japan. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan soon to be Iran and North Korea. They are the ones fighting the whole world.

Update 2:

America is not a threat? Tell that to Palestinians killed by made in USA weapons and the millions killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, That's pure hypocricy, Americans can never think of anyone but themselves. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction,

Update 3:

For the mentally challenged, By japan I mean the atomic attacks America used.

Update 4:

Bush was fuking crazy too, Look at the harm done to the world by Bush and that done by NK's leader kim, and compare and see who is worse.

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    North Korea and Iran can have Nukes provided they free their countries to big businesses - Mac big burgers and Coke should be tax free! I think North Korea got chinese permission and they already got one. The problem is with Iran.

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    America is not one of those blood thirsty psychos dear. you don't see 1/2 the violence that is in other countries here in the states. We (un like NK) are not a threat to another country. NK , if given the opportunity, would neuk the US, probably SK, and just in doing that would cause nuclear fall out in Mexico, Canada, and other Asian countries that are near SK. Also ( and as much as I dis like Obama) the US is NOT headed by a unstable dictator like Kim Jon Ill and the Iranian leader ( UGH I have never been good at names) I believe its Achmood Achmadedagen.


    Bush was not crazy. Lets see you deal with a MAJOR crisis after only...7 -8 months? on the job. I actually think he saved more American lives.

    "That's pure hypocricy, Americans can never think of anyone but themselves"

    that statement is pure hypocricy. You can't EVER make a blanket statement like that THEY DON"T WORK. I am an American and I happen to think about other people then my self. And even other people then my family/friends. I also know of loads that do the same. So yea that statement is invalid.

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    The simple answer is that North Korea and Iran for that matter will likely use them. North Korea in particular has nothing to lose.

    The only real defense against nuclear attack is mutually assured destruction. I don't think the leadership of North Korea really cares if their country is wiped out. Therefore, there is no reason for them to refrain from nuclear war.

    Therefore, they can't have them!

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    North Korea is no longer a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which means that they can develop nuclear weapons.

    The issue at the moment is that they have test fired those weapons into the Sea of Japan.

    To get a real grasp of the situation though you have to look at the history of nuclear weapons in the region post WW-II.

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    Because both N Korea and Iran signed the non-proliferation treaty stating they would not develope them. N Korea by the way, does have them now, after ignoring their vow not to develope them.

    Yes , America,as the last great super power, has had the role of the world's policeman thrust upon it. Was America "bllodthirsty" when terrorists, training freely in Afghanistan, attacked and killed over 3,000 innocent people on 9-11, 2001.

    You may recall that Japan attacked the US on Dec 7th, 1941 once again killing nearly 3000 Americans. We ended the war by dropping the bombs, after warning the Japanese that would had a weapon of that nature and would use it. They failed to surrender and we demonstrated it. They still refused to surrender and we used it again. They finally surrendered. The bombs saved as many as an estimated 500,000 Americans that would have been killed in a land invasion of the Japanese homeland. Once again, we didn't start it, but we finished it. That should be a lesson to all other countries. The US has never started a war, but they finish a lot of them.

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    Iran and North Korea are not exactly what I would call responsible states. Both would sell the technology or an actual bomb to the highest bidder at the drop of a hat.

    Dude, serioulsy, millons killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? If that's the case it's Muslims killing Muslims.

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    And you can own a gun, why can't your deranged neighbor who is always drugged up have one?

    Nuclear weapons are not an issue of children sharing toys.

    >Since when are we at war with Japan?

    Yes, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. Evidently, you seem to forget the attack on Pearl Harbor and the resultant war.

    However, I would suggest that you ask the people of Japan if they think North Korea should have nuclear weapons. Their answers might surprise you, though they should not.

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    ignoring the ignorant rant and sticking to the question, the reason North Korea can not have nuclear weapons is the same reason we do not pass out semi-automatics in the nut house, they are unstable and delusionary, by the way do you have a gun!?!?

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    North Korea and Iran are not stable countries, besides we have the weapons already so we get to decide who has them

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    Pakistan has sold nuclear technology to doubtful characters,but that is ok because that is a follower of US. N.Korea is not a follower of the US.

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