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african clawed frogs vs. african dwarf frogs?

i just bought an african frog but i dont know if its a dwarf or a clawed frog. how can you tell the difference?

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    African Clawed frogs have their eyes on the TOP of their head.

    Dwarf African Clawed frogs have their eyes on the SIDE of their head.

    Dwarf African Clawed frogs also do not grow larger than 1 to 1.25 inches.

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    It's kind of hard to tell exactly how large that *container* is, but it doesn't look large enough to keep African Clawed Frogs in. They do get pretty good size, and if they happen to be Albino, for SURE they are NOT ADF's. African Clawed Frogs do and WILL eat fish. So if you keep them, and ever upgrade to putting them into a tank, do NOT add any fish. Add: That set up will not be suitable for them for very long. I have a male ADF (which is smaller than the female) and stays MUCH smaller than the African Clawed Frog, in a 5 gallon filtered tank with a Betta. Add: to Michelle......I PROMISE that the ACF grows. Mine was almost the size of a golf ball when I had to find it a new home. He/She was housed in a 55 gallon tank and DID eat my fish. In fact, the thing got OUT of the tank several times for a day at least before I found it, and STILL lived! ACF's are really pretty tough little creatures in comparison to the ADF.

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