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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

I need character names!!!!!!!!?

I'm writing a play/movie and I need names for characters!

Character 1: Female. 15 years old. The main girl in the story. She is pretty has blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. She's always happy and fun loving. She gets real nervous when all the attention's on her or when she is talking to an important person or a guy she likes.

She is a huge fan of character 10.

Character 2: 18 years old. Male. Character 1's older brother. He has short blonde hair and all the girls have a crush on him. He is annoying to character 1 and likes to get on her nerves.

Character 3: 17 years old. Female. Character 2's girlfriend. She has dark brown hair that falls in ringlets below her shoulders. She is always out with character 2. She is pretty close with character 1.

Character 4: 15 years old. Female. Best friend of character 1. She has straight red hair. She's really into fashion and gossiping.

Character 5: 15 years old. Female. Best friend of character 1. She has dark skin and curly black hair that falls just below her ears. She loves to read and write and is always serious.

Character 6: 15 years old. Male. Main guy in the story. He has blonde hair. He's kind of lazy. He gets upset over his little sister's achievements. He loves basketball, nature, character 10 and hanging out with friends.

Character 7: 18 years old. Male. Best friend of Character 2. He has brown hair and is Always at characters 1 and 2's house.

Character 8: 8 years old. Female. She has long blonde hair. Almost perfect little sister of character 6. She is a straight A student and plays piano. She loves to rub it in character 6's face.

Character 9: 14 years old. Male. Best friend of character 6. Has Short brown hair.

Character 10: 23 years old female. A famous singer. Has long brown hair.

I need first and last names!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Character One: First names - Charlotte, Leanne, Jodie, Kayla, Jannelle, Teegan, Renn

    Last names - Carrington, Ashton, Jones, Helston, Bird, Cassidy, Rice

    Character Two: First names - Brad, James, Tyler, Kaleb/Caleb, Peter, Jaime

    Last names - See number one

    Character Three: First names: Chanelle, Kirsty, Sarah, Lauren, Leonie, Georgina

    Last names - Liles, Chant, Eaton, Daubony (Door-bon-e), Palmer

    Character Four: First names - Roxy, Harriet, Charis, Laura, Zara, Lucy, Erin/Eryn

    Last names - Summers, Downing, Richards, Price, Frobisher, Taylor

    Character Five: First names - Angela, Nina, Nia, Ella, Ellie, Leah/Lea, Marcy

    Last names - Jackson, Higgins, Sweeny, Farren, Blundell, Trolley

    Character Six: First names - Brett, Everett, Nero, Hayden, Alex, Max, Connor

    Last names: Jones, Kaspen, Templeton, Cross, Baites, Leverton

    Character Seven: First names - Rob, Ben, Daniel, Jacob/Jake, Ashton, Antony/Anthony, Joshua, Oliver

    Last names - Webster, Henderson, Doherty, Rhodes, Fern, Press, Hertz, Lane

    Character Eight: First names - Jayme/Jaime, Alice, Lucia, Jenny, Natasha, Tamara, Reegan, Lily

    Last names - See number six

    Character nine: First names - Mac, Lewis, Andrew, George, Jason, Timothy, Thomas/Tommy, Harry

    Last names - Orson, Daws, Perry, Maier, Jackson, Baird, Maxwell, Mason, Broadhurst

    Character ten: First names - Emma, Courtney, Liisa/Lisa, Tulisa, Aleesha/Aleisha, Arleene, Jody, Carla, Kayleigh, Meena

    Last names - Kuuk, Reynolds, Jenkins, Barnes, Limb, Feuer, Sunderland, Class

    Hope I could help and good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Character 1: Callie Adams Gray

    Character 2: Tyler Sullivan Gray (Ty)

    Character 3: Elizabeth Arden McFaye

    Character 4: Jennifer Riley Tate (Jen)

    Character 5: Alexis Kate Tanelle

    Character 6: Jordan Andrew Connors

    Character 7: Kyle Alexander Matthews

    Character 8: Ashley Anne Connors

    Character 9: William Jacob Fordham (Will)

    Character 10: Amelia Drake

    Source(s): Life
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Character 1: Grace, Jessla, Ashylnn, Brynn, Breanna, Nicole

    Last Name: Sanders, Morris, Harrison

    Character 2: Tristan, Preston, Ashton, Grayson, Bryson, Bryce, Kenny, Seth

    Last Name: Sanders, Morris, Harrison

    Character 3: Sadie, Makinley, Kayla, Laurie, Lauren, Harlow

    Last Name: Whitman, Ainsley

    Character 4: Paige, Teagan, Renee

    Last Name: Anderson, Jacobs

    Character 5: Liah, Miah, Skyla, Skyler, Zoey

    Last Name: Jones, Lawrence, Baine

    Character 6: Glenn, Jacob, Michael, Wesley, Cayden, Dean

    Last Name: Matthers, Manning, Harrington, Price

    Character 7: Kevin, Kyle, James, Nick, Justin, Riley

    Last Name: Lowson, Parker, White

    Character 8: Tessa, Lillian, Liviana, Noel, Claire, Ashley

    Last Name: Matthers, Manning, Harrington, Price

    Character 9: Aden, Thomas, Chase, Shane

    Last Name: Andrews, Grady, Torrence

    Character 10: Lorelai, Kennedy, Hailey, Gloria, Evangeline, Vivian

    Last Name: Summers, O'Malley, James

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  • 1 decade ago

    Okay, I'm a writer but I wont go through this list individually for you, if you are going to write, be able to use your own choice of names, not something another person came up with for you.

    What you should do is think about the character, the traits he or she has, and see if a name comes to mind that fits that person.

    Another thing to do is look up popular names. There are censuses online telling what the most popular names of every year are. You can look up the year that character would have been born, and use a name from that list.

    One other trick I've used is to go on a baby naming website and search for names by their meaning. For example, if you have a nature loving character, as you mentioned, you could go with something like Aaron, which is Hebrew for "Mountain", or something else nature based or with a nature-like meaning, such as Forrest or Ash. Good luck, hope this helps.

    Source(s): Fiction writer
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Emily Adams

    2. Ryan Adams

    3. Jessica Watson

    4. Simone Ashford

    5. Ramona Berkeley

    6. Jake Fitzgerald

    7. Sam Whitney

    8. Angelica Fitzgerald

    9. Nick Roberts

    10. Bunny Rosseau

    this was fun

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Character 1: Marina or Ayumi

    Character 2: Jack, Ben, Ethan

    Character 3: Ophelia, Isabella

    Character 4: Lydia, Laura

    Character 5: Taylor, Joceyln

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  • 1: Crystal Smith

    2: Daniel Smith

    3: Klara Rose

    4: Ellie-May Jamieson

    5: Martha Emmerson

    6: Martin White

    7: Thomas Arks

    8: Angel White

    9: Edward Blair

    10: Crystal Falls

    I thought characters 1 and 10 should have the same names which makes character 1 like character 10 even more.

    I like your characters. Theyre very imaginative.

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  • B
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I cannot even tell you how many times i see a question asking answerers to name characters in a developing story. So this time, I'm not going to provide any. It is the job of the author to think up names for his or her character, otherwise it would no longer be your book, now would it? It is especially important that the author think up their main character's name, for it begins a special bond between character and creator that shall carry on through out the story. If someone else were to name your character, it would be like having a complete stranger name your newborn child. Now when thinking up character names, it is always important to think back to the person that inspired that character. Whether he or she be a friend, relative, another character that you'd read in a book or seen in a movie, or a complete stranger that you'd seen on the street, that character did not just appear out of thin air. I personally have a character whose entire persona reminds me of my grandmother, so i named her according to the time she was born in. It is not entirely up to the author to use any name that pops into their head, I admit that i have only done this once or twice myself. However, one of the most important tasks that the author has, next to planning out a plot and actually writing it, is to personally choose the name that best fits his or her character. I will often use a list of names off of the social security website and choose a name based on the year that they were born. If your story is set on modern day Earth than most of your characters were pobably born in the 1980s and early 90s. The Social Security Administration has a list of the most popular names for each year since 1879. If i were you, i'd start there.

    Another option that you have as an author is to use online name generators. Type 'name generator' into your seach engine. I will generally use the name generator site below for minor chracters that will only appear once or twice in the story:

    This site will provide a random first and last name, middle initial, and address.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Olivia Ramin

    Logan or eric Ramin

    Sophia or Vivian or Ginina Contin

    Gwen Bosell

    Diana or amelia Ponitz

    Andrew Simmons

    Wesley Cooper

    Jenny Simmons

    Will Shafer

    Lydia Ellis

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually the names vary with a lot of details..for examples all your characters can be named on the lines of Shinchan...Jackie Chan..Giorgio..whatever..!!

    Specifically...1>Christina Roberts 2>Christopher to make them on the same lines

    3>Emma Parker 4>Bridget Riley 5>Kimberly Jefferson 6>Matt Nowell 7>Erik Markov 8>Jessica Nowell 9> Jeremy Saunders 10> Norah Gonzales...phew..!!!!

    Source(s): Kiddish thing but fun!
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