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why greeks look like middle easterns?

why greeks look like middle easterns?

why greeks have olive skin and dark hair?

were ancient greeks were also olive skinned?

or greeks changed in 400 years ottoman occupution

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    Q==why greeks look like middle easterns?

    -Because we want to take some of the oil of Saudi Arabia

    Q==why greeks have olive skin and dark hair?

    -Because is sexy, and people pay fortunes to make that tan

    Q==were ancient greeks were also olive skinned?

    -We don't know since we weren't alive that period, and also, the statues made by Greeks weren't colorfull but monochrome

    Q==or greeks changed in 400 years ottoman occupution?

    -No, because under Ottomans, when a Christian was mixed with Ottoman , the kids became Ottoman

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    1.Because we are close to the Middle East. We even have borders with a Middle Eastern country.

    2. Because that's how most people who live around the Mediterranean look.

    3. Yes there were dark Ancient Greeks. Even dark Gods like Hercules. There were dark Ancient people live in the region of Greece today before Greece. Those people became part of the Ancient Greek world and we have evidence of their peaceful co-existence with the Ancient Greeks until the classical period.

    Then there was Alexander the Great who made Greeks (Hellenize) Asian people, dark people. Then there was the Greek Byzantine Empire who Christianize and Hellenize more Asian people, dark people.

    4. Greeks changed to the worst during the Ottoman occupation nobody can deny that. I wish Turks never existed.

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    because greeks are semites and were influenced by iraq that is the cradle of civilization - also egypt - they have copy all from iraq cradle of civilization - not have invented nothing - also greek alphabeth was invented by middle east - philosophy - art - epic- geometry and science - architecture - mithology - - democracy - all civilization was invented by iraq - greeks are a continue of great asian culture - iraq - cradle of civilization - also english people came from iraq - is written on wikipedia

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    Because they are Middle Easterners who are pretending to be Greek!

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    Greeks were always Mediterranean. Middle Easterners are of a different stock. Get some education.

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      he's asking the question, he's is trying to get an education. Why don't you try to be a nice teacher?

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    The same question has been posted again here. The typical answer by a Greek to this question would be 'We used to be bloond, till Turks came and raped us'. This is what he would like to listen to.

    As I had stated in my previous answer (deleted unfortunately) it was the Turks that took people from us and not the other way around.

    The Greek women who were kidnapped by the Turks, bore children that later became muslims and thus Turks.

    Those women were legal wives or slaves.

    A muslim woman couldn't marry a Christian, because Sharia law banned with death the muslim, who would convert to another religion. In the contrary, the punishment for crimes commited by Christians, were often deleted, if they converted to Islam.

    A Christian man couldn't marry a turkish woman too.

    This is how the Ottomans became the majority from a tiny minority that they were at the beginning.

    If you take a look at ancient statues and vases, you'll see that Greeks even then were in their majority black haired.

    It is not that we became black after the Turkish occupation. Greeks were always ...Mediterraneans.

    But sorry, not Middle Eastern looking.

    And if we looked like this, it wouldn't be a problem for me.

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    i also wondered this? in michigan i met some greeks and why some greeks look dark? i met two full blooded greeks who had black curly hair the big dark eyebrows and dark eyes with skin almost as dark as some mexicans or north africans or turks they said they were from southern greece so im betting people from the islands and southern mainland greece look differnt and northern greeks are probably lighter? and my sister went on a vacation to the islands off southern greece and turkey and she said almost all the males were tan,black haired, very hairy and dark eyed! sounds kindve mid eastern or anatolian yet some people think ancient greeks were blonde and completly northern european looking its quite strange

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    They don't look Semitic at all. Semites like Arabs or Jews have medium to dark brown to black hair, Very fair skin or tan skin, long noses and Almond eyes. Greeks have olive skin, Light brown to blonde hair but still almond eyes.

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    I am sorry but the foot is in the other foot! If you weren't so terribly ignorant (although a loyal Bush supporter must be by definition a total philistine just like his dear leader) you could now these facts 1st: since antiquity the Greeks were colonizing the Middle Est from circa 1300BC. o around 200BC (a bit after Alexander the Greats period). 2nd there is no olive skin people since the olive colour is but a variation of GREEN (the capitals are in order to get your attention) and there is no green skinned people on Earth. So my dear barbarian Bush WASP please do 2 favors to humanity; 1st Leave us Greeks alone, outside your paranoia, Iraq was a fiasco too much already, and 2nd PLEASE do the good thing to all humankind and go and DO A SUICIDE. The last one was inspired from Lord Byron one of the countless poets which you fanatical barbarian may disprove. I sincerely hope that the sreams of the victims of your leader won't let you sleep at night!

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      He's just a dumb kid so STFU. And just remember two can play this game. Who dominated all of the Mediterranean? Italy. Why? Greece thought but didn't do.

      And Bush was not WASP. WASP means having a dumb sense of superiority cause youz


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    Why Turks look Middle Easterners?

    Why Turks have 34% Black DNA?

    Why Turkish people try to pass other races as similar with them?

    Why Turks Provocateur too much?

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