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Does anybody else here feel awkward going to the hair salon to get your hair done?

I was just wondering, if anybody else feels this way. Maybe it's just because I'm kind of shy and not really social.

But i always feel weird when i go to the salon to get my highlights, because it's like this awkward silence the whole time between me and the lady doing my hair.

Like when I'm there, and the lady is doing my hair i feel weird if we aren't talking at all, but then at the same time i don't really know what to talk to her about you know? lol

What do you do when your at the salon? Do you have conversations with the person doing your hair? Or do you just sit there and not talk?


Blue: I kind of feel the same way. I mean the woman who does my hair is only probably 10 years older than me, but i feel like we have nothing in common. I'm 18 and still in school and everything and she's like a completely different person. So what's there to talk about? And because I'm not very social I'm very bad at small talk and don't even really like small talk in the first place. It's just if i don't talk i feel like I'm being rude or something.

Update 2:

Yeah same here, when my mom gets her hair done she doesn't stop talking the whole time!

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    i know what ur saying! true, you should feel comfortable with your stylist, but some of us just arent that damn social! if this is you, there are a couple options to try out. first, think of some back up conversations to have just in case you find that awkward silence. if you dont wanna do that, bring your ipod (depending on what youre having done). if you cant wear earbuds, start texting random people on your phone or bring a book. or if that seems rude to you, mention right away that either you are tired and apologize in advance for being kinda zombie-ish, or that you feel like crap today but forced yourself outta bed to get to the salon. plus, ya never know... maybe the stylist will be relieved that they dont have to make small talk either! or if they still insist on talking, keep redirecting the attention back to your hair. ask lots of ?. it gives you something to talk about at least!! good luck!

    Source(s): im in the same boat every 6 weeks!
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    Yep I'm exactly the same, I have nothing to say either. I think it's alright, they might be glad of not having to make conversation for once! If they say something to me I answer but I don't start any conversations.

    What makes it worse for me though is I never know what hairstyle I want, so I end up saying "Just a trim..." and then come home not being happy with it because I couldn't decide what to have! And if I do think of something, I can never describe it!

    So, in conclusion, you are not alone in feeling awkward at the hairdressers :o)

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    I don't like anyone messing with my hair in the first place. And I am not a "girly" girl who likes to yak about anything. Besides the fact that all the people who are doing hair today are a good 30 years younger than me and we have little to nothing in common.

    I am bottom line. Just cut my hair and get on with it. I don't want to hear about the stupid things your kids did this past week and I could care less about what the Colts or the Pacers are doing this season.

    I am not familiar with today's movie stars and I don't watch that much television and definitely not the reality shows or America's talent or whatever it is.

    I'm paying you to cut my hair not to entertain me so get on with it.

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    Get a new stylist, a part of their job is to make you feel welcome and comfortable. I have had experiences like this, you want your stylist to be able to relate to you and know where you're coming from. I have sat through silence before and will not go back to those places, a good stylist will try to make small talk with you to get the ball rolling.

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    subsequent time , ask your hair cloth cabinet some ordinary questions. something like : for a fashion long you have been working right here ? what's your favourite haircut ? a question which will make him/her communicate approximately him/herself . and fortuitously he/she will save speaking for 2 hours long if that 's what you elect. Lol

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    the guy hates me since i dont talk and he also does my moms hair, and she doesnt shut up !!

    i also hate when other people do my hair like stlyle it, but the worst is when theyre like OH GREEAT CONVERSATION I MANAGED TO SQUEEZE A FEW WORDS FROM YOU.

    so im just sitting there like an idiot.


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    Yes!! I know exactly what you mean! I thought it was just me. because whenever i got, im really awkward and stuff. I mean i'll tell them what i want, and then there like wait over there. but when they actually start working on my hair their just like "Hi!", so i say it back, but from there is like.......sooooo.... LOL.

    and im just sitting there staring in the mirror wondering if he'll/she'll say something, but if they dont I just sit there. and when its done im so thankful!! because the awkwardness is over! lol :D

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    Yerpp!,ive found a hairdressers now which has one loverly hair stylist who talks to you and she's really nice :), if you like going to that hairdressers, take your mam or a friend along to see if they could get the talk going? x

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