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is belivng in your goal means u gonna achieve it and be who you want to be?

Obviously i want to be rich.. drive a porch and have a successful life and help my family and people around me..

but is that possible ??? what does that requires ? in currently studying abroad and having so many difficulties understanding statistics but im trying thou.. so is is possible to achieve an individual dream?? ? how??

im 18 thou..

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  • Jak
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    1 decade ago
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    There are many ways to achieve financial success, and many of them require that you believe in yourself and push yourself to achieve your goal. Being smart, energetic, charismatic, outgoing, talented, lucky, etc. would also be a big help, but you can get by on only a few of them. It's inevitable that you'll run into something that's difficult for you to learn or overcome. That's where people who don't believe in themselves give up. I see time and time again people give up when they were perfectly capable of succeeding, only they didn't realize it.

    In addition to believing in your goal, pushing yourself and not giving up, you also need to find the right path to achieve your goals. This can be the most difficult part. If your parents are doctors and help you with school and tuition, then the path to becoming a successful doctor may be given to you - and all you'd have to do is try your best to follow that path. For most people, finding a way to be successful in life is full of uncertainty. Do you get an MBA? Do you pur in a few years of grueling work at the bottom rung of some big corporation hoping to get noticed? Do you start your own business? Depending on your strengths/weaknesses these may be great ways for you to become wealthy, or they might not be.

    At 18 years old, you simply don't have the experience or depth of knowledge to know what you'll be most successful at. however, you're young enough that you can try many things until you discover something that you are passionate about and excel at. I think enjoying your work is a major key to success. No matter how disciplined you are, it can be nearly impossible to excel at something you find painful to endure for 40 to 60 hours a week. It's okay if you have to endure it to learn the skills you need or get your foot in the door - as a temporary stepping stone. Still, if you find statistics incomprehensible, you'd likely be best off in a job that doesn't require more than a basic understanding of statistics.

  • 1 decade ago

    YES + YES + YES , this is the first ingredient of success , believing in yourself and telling yourself that nothing is above or beyond you and then get focused and go for it regardless of what you may encounter

    Listen unless you have a dream , you will not get any where , they say have a dream and follow it but the bottom line is that when you set up a goal for yourself , nothing should distract you , NOTHING , it should be relentless pursuit of the objectives that you have set for yourself , come rain , hail or shine , you should remain steadfast , focused and consistent , no worldly charms such as girl friends , sex , drugs , hanging out with friends should come your way , balance every thing out , do not detach yourself completely with life , do allocate time for every thing to freshen you up but your prime objective must remain above all other activities ... if you can do that sky would be the limit and you will achieve what ever goals you have set for your self , have self confidence , trust yourself , respect yourself , take all such set backs which you may come across in a casual stride , as part of the game and these set backs must strengthen your resolve that YES I CAN DO IT and you will

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Work your *** off at whatever you deicde to do, Never settle for anything less than the best, enjoy your life for what you have now set attainable goals. Don't just want to be rich, life's not all about the money. Remember that the money is nice but it is secondary.

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