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Poll: Do you stop to consider all the blades of grass you've stepped on in your life...?

Do you worry their descendants are going to one day seek revenge...?

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    Yes . I am a serial grass groper. Wanted in 5 states for Chlorophyll crimes.

    I am also a serial leaf lopper!

  • 4 years ago

    Neither really. I am currently in a mood of non-upsettedness :) On a serious note. When I'm upset about the economy its because uncomfortable things are happening to me and/or my family. I don't take it out on those not responsible, or try not to. Within reason at least. As an example: I work an average job for average pay. It isn't a corporation's fault that I didn't go to college and get a degree and get an extremely well paying job. It isn't the fault of the rich that I'm not rich. It isn't the fault of someone doing better than me that I'm not doing as good as they are. Within reason :) It IS someone's fault that an average job doesn't support a family in today's economy. It IS someone's fault that my hard earned income goes towards keeping two parties in political control so that no actual change can happen. It IS someone's fault that my dad still has to work well into his 70s instead of being able to retire because my Mom's medicine costs are outrageous and ludicrous. And if I stand by and don't speak out or try to do something to promote change then its all very much my own fault. To a certain degree it is anyhow for sleeping through it all these years. I don't think I'm too bad at placing blame where it belongs.

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    1 decade ago

    What you do effects everyone and everything

    Accountability is a responsibility of all humans.

    I don't think the grass is worried about foot steps

    Getting bulldozed up and turned into another shopping mall parking lot

    May be another issue all together.......

    For grass and people......

    And some day indirectly it may have it's revenge

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    If I am ever honest about the way I am, and all I wanted to express that love then even the blades of grass that I have stepped upon are happy, Im not worried about anything that I cant do anything about

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    1 decade ago

    I do think about what is under my feet as I walk. how many small creatures I have killed as I have lumbered along. I try not to harm anything, but walking makes it hard not to. I try to watch my step but still I step of living creatures by accident. I am not at the point of carrying a broom and brushing my path before I take a step yet though.

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    It has happened to me. Innocently suntanning in the backyard on our beautifully freshly mowed lawn I was attacked by the angry blades seeking revenge for their recently chopped tips. They were so enraged that I had taken away their right for individuality, that not one of them could chose to have a longer blade than the other. Not only that but I choked them and infringed upon their rights for clean air as I pushed the mower over them, cutting and pushing them into the ground. I apologized and told them I did not know of my crime, and would go for a natural, environmentally friendly lawn, one that is never mowed. I thought they were happy. But they were just waiting, waiting for the perfect moment to cast their evil net. In their eyes I was guilty of the worst crime yet and I was ignorant of it. I had begun to doze off as the hot summer sun kissed my skin that's when the grass began its evil work. Slowly, those green blades began to cover my hands and feet, creeping up tentatively as a spider up a web until my wrists and ankles were secured. Yet the grass continued, this time on a different route, inching its way up my neck, slowly, ever so slowly, over my chin, until suddenly, violently the grass plummeted into my mouth choking me, shattering my voice box. The sound of the blades of grass surrounded me shouting; "You have taken away our voice, now we have taken away yours."

    Revenge isn't sweet for those of us who suffer, watch where you tread.

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    A praying mantis basks in the sun, its life forshortened by a heavy footstep. Revenge is only a fleeting thought in its path towards enlightenment.

    Source(s): -disciple of the great Chun Hao
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    Where is the animosity here. Grass is waiting for my warmth and caress and I for its silken softness and rejuvenating chlorophyll. If the grass gets dented or mutilated, it sprouts up again with renewed vigour after my touch. There need no martial touch of words like hurt and revenge!. Everything - including grass and me - is interconnected, we give and take, hurt and death is very limited view, everybody/everything serve the other here!

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    Just like I worry about the millions of bacteria that I kill every time I take a shower. And of course, there's the fly that Obama "murdered" according to PETA...

    Life begets life, but life also consumes life... it's just the way of the world.

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    the grass under foot, is in fact my friend, trying to cling to me, hug me with warmth of love and affection! anyway, i look under foot at the present moment, now: and sometimes a little ahead of me as i walk the path of life, very rarely behind me over my shoulders! thank you for a very nice thought!

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