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阿才 asked in 電腦與網際網路軟體 · 1 decade ago




假設3 x 3好了


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  • ivan
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    1 decade ago
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    imcrop - Crop image


    I = imcrop

    I2 = imcrop(I)

    X2 = imcrop(X, map)

    I = imcrop(h)

    I2 = imcrop(I, rect)

    X2 = imcrop(X, map, rect)

    [...] = imcrop(x, y,...)

    [I2 rect] = imcrop(…)

    [X,Y,I2,rect] = imcrop(…)


    I = imcrop creates an interactive Crop Image tool associated with the image displayed in the current figure, called the target image. The Crop Image tool is a moveable, resizable rectangle that you can position interactively using the mouse. When the Crop Image tool is active, the pointer changes to cross hairs when you move it over the target image. Using the mouse, you specify the crop rectangle by clicking and dragging the mouse. You can move or resize the crop rectangle using the mouse. When you are finished sizing and positioning the crop rectangle, create the cropped image by double-clicking the left mouse button or by choosing Crop Image from the context menu. imcrop returns the cropped image, I. The following figure illustrates the Crop Image tool with the context menu displayed. For more information about the interactive capabilities of the tool, see the table that follows.


    I = imread('circuit.tif');

    I2 = imcrop(I,[75 68 130 112]);

    imshow(I), figure, imshow(I2)

    Source(s): matlab help
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