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Knights Templar,Knights Hospitallers,Teutonic Knights?

Which was the best? I know the Knights Templar was the most famous and popular but were they the best? I'm also assuming they were the richest due to the fact the Phillip the IV sabotaged them solely for their gold,which lead to their downfall.

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    The Teutonic Knights were an offshoot of the Knights Hospitaller specifically created to aid and assist at a German hospital in Jerusalem.

    The Knights Hospitaller were a group created and primarily charged with aiding and assisting travelers to the Holy Land - the poor, the sick and the injured.

    The Knights Templar from their inception were a group of warrior monks who protected pilgrims as they traveled the Holy Land.

    Of these three groups, only the Knights Templar were - from the very beginning - fighters. The other two groups did, eventually, change their charters and become fighting groups and all chose different paths for their Orders.

    As to which was the best ... I'd be hard pressed to decide that. If I were a pilgrim being attacked by infidels, I'd say the Templars were the best. If I were injured, I'd say the Hospitallers were the best. If I were German and injured, I'd say the Teutonic Knights were the best.

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    They all actually became each other over time, and then the Teutonic Knights became the Hanseatic League. And Phillip sabotaged them because he had mortgaged almost the entire country of France to them and when the debt came due he orchestrated papal support to shut them down before they could try to collect. And they really didn't have gold so much as they would honor letters of credit carried over distances with special code in the text to assure authenticity--they invented the CONCEPT of Letter of Credit, Sight Draft, and Mac card--very cool huh? of course this means they had lots of folks borrowing from them and depositing with them, That how Phillip manged to borrow beyond his means, he even manipulated the Papacy to avoid his debt and silence the Templars, who the were absorbed into the Hospitallers, and the renegades joined the Teutonic Knights who probably formed the lay group Hansa in Northern Europe.

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    Best can mean a lot of different things. However just a comment. While all three claimed purely religious motives, the Teutonic Knights are portrayed as the villains in Eisenstein's great film Alexander Nevsky, and some of us believe not unjustly, while a close look at the tale of Vlad Dracula will suggest that Stoker got such a vicious account of his career because his sources were in one way or another connected to either the Knights themselves or to the Saxon Merchants whose interests they often protected. Whether the Prince of Wallachia deserves his rep or not, these accounts were biased, and it is hard to respect such a blatantly political and sometimes mercenary organization.

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    This is a Hisotry question and hence in the worng section.

    Use Wikipedia or go to the Library and check the History section.

    You may posibly find some books on Orders of Knighthood in areas not Hiostry cos the Dewey system catalogued them under Culture

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