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In the Johnny Depp movie Secret Window?

Is there even a window. Where is the symbolism?


no I am in justin dot tv and someone asked this question. Not for a paper

I came in almost halfway through the movie so I missed the window and it isn't over yet.

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    There actually is a window upstairs in Mort's house. You see it in the beginning when he and his wife lived together. She found the 'secret window' when moving some furniture and said something about being able to see her garden from it. That's the title of the story he wrote. I'm not going to give a full blown analysis but that's the gist of it. If this is for a paper or something, there are different ways you could interpret it. In the end, you see that the window overlooks the spot where he buried the bodies.

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    There is a window, that they didn't know about before they bought the house. It looks over the corn fields, where he buries his wife. That's how i l think it goes.

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    at the end of the movie when they show where he buried all the people, it's under a window. so that was his "secret window" area where people didn't know that he was the killer and buried the bodies

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