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Is it true that most Alaskans are relieved that Sarah Palin is out of office?

And if this is true, why doesn't the media ever report this? Doesn't it make sense to report on the reaction of Alaskans to their governor's resignation?

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    Nope, they don't. That's why the media isn't reporting. Hard to report something that doesn't exist. Sorry, forgot they have been doing that anyhow. If they can make up dirt on her they will. Guess they haven't produced the fake evidence yet. Give them time, Dan Rather will have it first thing tomorrow.

    Anyhow, many are pissed that they are being forced to lose her early due to liberal idiots from the 48 states sticking their noses in Alaskan politics with all those false ethic charges that the state had to spent a ton of money on investigating. And oh, she has not left office yet. So your point is?

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    Alot of Alaskans felt like they were left out in the cold last year when she campaigned with Sen McCain. Her rating were in the 80`s then, but after her defeat and return home, her state congress earned a "do nothing" status as she could not pass any legislation of significant import. Now her ratings have dropped to the mid 50`s. It was reported by AP and other reputable news agencies

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    I actually LIVE in Alaska and I can tell you that what she did was very sudden, and she did leave us hanging and I think it was wrong. BUT I never liked her anyway, and my entire family did NOT vote for her. But we did vote Republican in the election. We were just in shock that he chose such a bimbo as his running mate. The first time my family EVER voted Dem. was against Palin for local elections. We are relieved, but the few people who are interviewed are probably the Palin lovers.

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    Dear dumdum,

    I would think that they would not be relieved because the financial state of Alaska is very sound. They actually enjoy a surplus (unlike the state I reside in) She has done well for the citizens she served and governed over. She is to be commended on a job well done. I would think they would be sorry to see her go.

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    Her Favorable Ratings have Tanked

    in Alaska!

    What Now?

    She will become the Latest Multi-Millionaire~

    as she enters the National Speakers Circuit.

    Who said~

    "There Is A Sucker Born Every Minute?"

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    My friends in Alaska - one in Willow and the other two in Anchorage, report that most people are indeed glad she is gone.

    I also wonder if these people answering a blind "no" to your question could even find Alaska on a map.

    Edit: I find it interesting - noting the tds my response has received thus far - that people doubt 3 people who between them have a combined 22 years in Alaska...but that must simply be the way cons roll when presented with the true view.

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    the highest approval rating was during the 08 campaign her numbers have since dwindled and when she would leave the state to go talk she would be torn apart by democrats and republicans a like for not staying on the state level and going national to much it is fair to say she tried to prop herself up a little to high and when no one caught her she had to decided what to do and i think she has just decided to leave for a little bit and make herself exciting again on a national lvl maybe in the senate who knows.....

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    Yes, there are many there who are not happy with her, and want her gone like yesterday. The 'GOP' won't tell you about that because most of them are so busy trying to defend her actions.

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    No, it's not true. She had the highest approval rating of all governors. The reaction I've mostly seen is that they are disappointed and surprised.

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